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Thread: For Sale: GI Joe, MOTUC etc

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    For Sale: GI Joe, MOTUC etc

    Heres a small list Ill be putting up more as the week goes on nearing next weekends MCBA Springcon, where we will have a dealer spot at. And a word of warning I just found out, sold a couple items on ebay, shipped and got the money from paypal on the first, they are holding the second auctions money, shipping it out on Monday but they say they can hold all funds for 21 days maximum. Wow never saw that before.

    Sgt. Slaughter Marauders 3-pack con exclusive $40
    Con Exclusive Ferrets still in bag $100.00
    Slaughter Marauder Tank still in Bag $50
    Slaughter Armadillo Tank $40
    GI Joe cobras most wanted Con Exclusive 3 3/4" set from same con think its the one with the Cobra Immortal NRFB $175.00
    Bret Michaels Dean Jorja Raine Guitar (Guiter only, with nice beautiful box and original shipping box, dead mint condition) $200

    I will be adding more much more to get this done, anyone want to help me. All prices are without shipping and can be negotiated on.


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