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Thread: FS: Misc. MIB & Loose/Complete MOTUC

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    FS: Misc. MIB & Loose/Complete MOTUC

    Hey guys, starting to thin out my collection (mainly since I'm running out of space, lol.) Have a mixture of some MIB and some loose...MIB ones will be noted beside each figure below. All loose figures are complete (unless noted). I only ship within the U.S. and only accept Paypal. NOT looking to trade for anything as I have all I need and then some. Shipping will be estimated depending on location and what you want...PM for details. Thanks for looking and feel free to PM me with any questions.

    Procrustus MIB - $27
    Fang Man MIB - $45
    Marlena (minus Cringer) - $28
    King Randor - $30 SOLD
    Fearless Photog (lens NOT cracked) - $15
    Draego-Man (BONUS: comes w/his weapons from Weapons Pak!) - $35
    Netossa - $19
    Star Sisters - $34
    Frosta - $19
    Karatti MIB - $22 - PENDING
    Fighting Foe Men 3 pack MIB - $60
    Wind Raider (loose, complete w/box) - $45
    CG Stands - $7 for 5-pack
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