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Thread: R.I.P Ray Manzarek

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    R.I.P Ray Manzarek

    Just heard that Ray Manzarek, founding member, and keyboardist for the Doors, passed away today, after a bout with cancer.

    Sad, sad, sad day.

    Before Aerosmith, The Doors were my first ever favorite band, back when I was 12. Fell in love with music in general through The Doors. Always loved them. And Ray was a huge part of why that band was so amazing. He will be sadly missed!!

    And what's even sadder, now who are we gonna hear all those great Jim Morrison stories from?! Sad Sad Day....
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    That's unfortunate; I didn't know he was ill.
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    One of the true greats, a very sad day
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    Very sad. Luckily I was able to see him three times in concerts when he was traveling with the doors of the 21st century. I was planning on seeing him play this august. Didn't know he was sick
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    Grew up listening to the Doors. Remember buying his bio a number of years ago, some great stories. Ray was a very underrated musician IMO. Actually John & Robbie should be counted in that bracket too. Was extremely lucky to have seen Doors of the 21st Century. One of the best shows i've been to bar none!
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    I love the Doors, used to play along with the songs on my drums with headphones on...seeing these great people, who are legends in my mind, seemed to me when I was young, they would live that we all are getting older, this really bums me out.
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