This figure is based on the original artwork of a Kobra Khan concept by Roger Sweet, as seen in the Power & Honor Foundation Catalog. While thumbing through this awesome plethora of original MOTU artwork, I knew this was a character I immediately wanted to make into a custom. Even though he was transitioned into Khan, I think that this character can definitely have his own story, he looks so much different than Khan. I see it as he is a good warrior, perhaps a spy for intel for the Masters against the Snake Men? One can speculate. Is he a double agent for Hiss? His story is yours, but I can definitely see a place for him on Eternia!
A few details I'd like to touch on, his face, in the original artwork was quite hidden, almost mysteriously. Thats kinda what gave me the idea for his backstory, possibly a shady character by the looks of him. I tried to hide his eyes, but at the same time make them pop in an almost hypnotizing way.
The recipe is fairly obvious, Molarr base with Zodac forearms, Khan loin piece, Khan shin, Keldor feet. Modified Bow head, Khan head, Teela snake armor, Megator straps. The accessories are a Snake Men sword, and Snake Face shield with Snapping Snake Shield action! I thought it would be cool to make like the snakes are bursting out of the shield towards the enemy.

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