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Thread: moving forward by looking back

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    moving forward by looking back

    We all have expectations, so lets list em. Post one or two links to your all time favorite MOTU stories and explain why this should be absorbed by the current filmmakers.

    The Problem with Power
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    Adam and He-Man are two different aspects of the same person. At first Adam is a carefree young adult/teen who grew up knowing nothing but paradise. Enter Skeletor and this youth is thrust into a world of sword fights, ancient magics and a demonic looking skull faced warlock who wants him dead. How does a kid handle that responsibility? MY fannon answer is that the Powers of Grayskull not only bestows all of the fabulous secret powers of the universe, but ages him about ten years. On the outside people see a battle hardened, experienced hero who can save them all...But on the inside he is just a scared little boy who hardly knows which end of the Sword to hold.

    That opinion is largely colored by the times Adam has childishly questioned if he is worthy or even wants to be He-Man. He doesn't see in him self what others see, because he is literally trapped inside. I can imagine a humorous scene being Adam seeing him self as he-man in a mirror for the first time...He is kinda like Captain Marvel in that way...
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    You are very close to the mark on this ..but what about She-Ra..????!!!

    There is a lot of great episodes that can point you in the right direction, but a good story really needs to be started over from the beginning, and have an ending.

    ..but Hollywood is not going to get it right.

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