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Thread: Has the classics rendition of NA sparked your interest with their vintage line?

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    Has the classics rendition of NA sparked your interest with their vintage line?

    I once had given NA no thought since the vintage line had no appeal to me.After seeing what the 4horseman have done with the figures/designs I'm starting to warm up to some characters.Mainly the space mutants in particular.I'm still a vintage purist but am starting to respect NA for what it is.Now I'm not sold on the canon but I'm gonna start collecting certain vintage figures.Anyone else gain interest recently in NA?

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    Not me. I bought the DVD boxset back in December. I watched every single episode of the classic Filmation series. Then I started watching NA. I got 2-3 episodes in and I just couldn't stand to sit there and watch. I moved on to 200X and enjoyed that much more.

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    I'm someone that never liked NA prior to Classics but now strongly want to see all of the NA characters make it into the line. I still don't know if I'd call myself an NA fan as much as I'm a Classics fan that really enjoys this being a line that includes all eras and characters including New Adventures. Although we haven't seen that much of the NA story be revealed in the bios yet, what we have seen I've enjoyed and I think all the Classicized 4 Horseman interpretations of NA have been great. I'll be very disappointed if we don't get to all the vintage NA figures, prototypes, and key Jetlag characters. That's a big part of the reason why I want see the Classics line make it to 2016 and beyond.
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    No. At least I recognize the characters now, but that's as far as it goes.

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    It's more the other way round, the vintage characters make want to see more NA in the classics line

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    Not really, I only like the new Space Mutants...

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    Classics has sparked my interest in vintage NA enough to look up pictures of all the characters and bios, but not enough to seek any of the figures out. I'm more excited to see what the classics line can do with the old designs. Bring on Tuskador, Sagitar, Flogg, and Skeletor!

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    It hasn't sparked interest in the vintage NA figures, but rather has made me want to watch the NA series. I never really kept up with it as a kid due to the fact that TMNT was airing at that time and kind of over shadowed everything else for me. I'd like to go back and see what I missed.

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    I'm in the "Classics Fan that wants to see what the 4H can do with the NA chatacters" camp. The NA figures they have done have been spectacular.

    The only thing I want from the vintage NA toy line is Starship Eternia. The figures and the cartoon are not my cup of tea.

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    My interest was quickly un-sparked when I watched the NA cartoon.

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    As every one else i was excited when they announced something new and totally different will happen with He-Man. And than he went to space and left everyone at home and i wasn´t to sure about that. I watched NA on TV when it aired and i liked it better than the comics but than i had an accident with one of a friends figure and that was the end of NA for me...except Sagitar him i still got.

    I´m not a toy collector i only started buying MOTUC because i´m a POP/MOTU fan. I will not track down any NA Vintage toy but i´m very looking forward to their MOTUC versions.
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    From all I hear the vintage NA has no redeeming features for the vintage MOTU fan. The figures don't rate compared to vintage MOTU, the mini-comic dissed the MOTU world and I don't dare go near the DVDs which I constantly hear terrible things about.

    As a completist MOTU fan who wants all the MOTU/POP/POG/Filmation/200x characters, prototypes and concepts and variants, I understand the desire of a smaller number of other fans for NA figures in Classics.

    In that regard I tolerate the space mutants in my collection as I would a Sticky Fingers or Slave Master figure. NA He-Man, Skeletor and Protectors however will not get out of their white mailing boxes.
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    NA were such shoddy figures, that I picked up the He-Man/Slushhead 2 pack and stopped there. Never even remember watching the show. Since Classics, I picked up the DVD set and watched them all. Pretty bad, but some interesting nostalgia for He-Man there.

    One of the main reasons I dove head first into Classics from the very beginning was the promise to hit POP and NA. I knew the talented 4H would turn out some unbelievable updates. And it would actually make all of these sources really feel unified finally.

    One of the biggest thrills I have for this line is when a NA character is revealed. It's just so cool to see a crappy NA figure updated into an amazing Classics one. And I will be extremely disappointed if we don;t get to all of the NA figures, humans and all.


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    Nope, I have zero interest in either the vintage NA or the Vintage MOTU line for that matter. For me the even nostalgia of the old lines doesn't stand up when I have them in my hands, the memories were great the figures not so much compared to today's sculpts, articulation, and accessories. (I can say the same about Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel, and DC figures too). Although MOC the originals are pretty cool.

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    The Classics New Adventures figures are some of my favorites...

    1. I never had them as a kid (I had moved onto TMNT, GI Joe, and Transformers) so, to me, they were all new figures.
    2. The Space Mutants all are pretty interesting looking (I'm a sucker for a "monster" type character).

    So, I did go and check out the vintage line...and I quickly stopped looking LOL.
    Then, I decided to pop the NA DVD set halfway through the first episode and couldn't believe this had the same name as my favorite cartoon as a child. How had they produced something this horrid?

    So, while it did spark interest...that spark quickly fizzled.
    That being said...BRING ON THE NA MOTUC!

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    Yes, the classics line definitely sparked an interest in me to get the vintage NA figures. They obviously are not of the same quality as the vintage, 200x, or Classics line, but they are still interesting. And I love when any new NA character is interpreted for Classics.

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    There is a vague interest from me in NA heman. It was a poorly realised idea in the 80s and a shame Filmation couldnt make and control it. It is however part of the offical heman story so I cant ignore it and am still trying to find a way into DVD wise. Having the NA figures in Classics , in my opinon is the closest we can get to merging it to the orginal ideas and Filmation. I really like the way the NA stuff is turning out and have accepted the evolution of the characters. Bring on NA Skeletor!!!

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    Yes, it sure has. So much so that I hunted the ends of the earth to track down all of the vintage NA figures...even the Rare Too-Tall Hoove and Hook 'Em Flogg AND the Super Rare Missile Armor Flipshot
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    not at all, in fact as good as the horsemen have done, my interest in NA has actually lessened. it's just not my kind of story.
    I LOVE the mutants if you just mix them in with the evil warriors but the protectors BLEH. centurions/gi joe hybrids i have no interest in them (outside of Tuskador and Sagitar)
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    I don't like NA, never will, I do not like the story and what they did to He-Man....

    As far as Classics goes, I kind of think Slush Head is kind of cool, but that's about it, I think Karatti is about as fugly as they come and goes as soon as he for the Vintage NA....nope, not interest, and just seeing pics of the NA cartoon was enough for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Criss79 View Post
    Has the classics rendition of NA sparked your interest with their vintage line?
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    No, though I am also one that likes the redesign of the space mutants so far. I can also say I at least know who some of the characters are now which I did not before. Though I really only know the main ones and who has gotten figures so far.
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    Well sort of.

    I had all the figures as a kid although I was beginning to get a bit old for them... and I never really liked them mainly because of the size difference from the vintage line. I didn't really like the show and honestly when I "grew up" and abandoned He-man for the far more sensible "job, girlfriend, groaning when I sit down because I am so old" routine I never thought about it at all.

    Then 200X came along and I got heavily back into the MOTU mythos but still I just considered NA very much like Marvel seem to consider the Eric Banner Hulk film. (It was okay... for what it was... but lets not really mention it again.)

    Since the MOTUC line though the NA figures have really been some of my favourites and have made me appreciate the character designs far more than I ever did as a kid. I have gone back and read a few comics, watched a couple of episodes when I could find them, and whilst there were some creative directions I didn't like overall I look back on NA with a kinda eye than I did previously.

    To be honest though it is mainly the bios and the story that Scott and his team have developed which has made me more accepting of NA. Tying it all together into one cannon has really made a lot of difference and they now seem more part of the family.
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    No, not really.... well, Flipshot sparked some interest in them. However, the doom & glooom drive of 2012 occurred and my interest fell off the radar in favor of characters I'd rather have prior to the line ending. I still have a most wanted listed of Galactic Protectors from the vintage line made into MOTUC: Darius, Vizar, Artilla, and Mara.

    In contrast to my diminished intrest in the GP's, the Space Mutants have maintained my interest. It has been increasing with every Space Mutant reveal. They have this broken down, savage dystopia look, imo, that I really like.
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