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    Sorceress (Loose) For Sale

    20130514_131050.jpg20130514_131101.jpg20130514_131129.jpgOver a year ago I was interested in starting a MOTU Classics collection. I had no childhood nostalgia to He-Man, but I was interested in starting a new action figure collection and the MOTUC line of figures looked awesome. The first (and only) figure that I bought was the Sorceress. The figure is loose but it have never really been displayed (she has been stored for the most part). The figure is in great condition with good joints and includes all of the accessories (the bird, its stand, and her staff). Since I am have no further interest in collecting this line of figures, I would like to sell it to someone that really appreciates MOTUC (that’s why I came here). I’ve never sold anything online outside of Craigslist, but I have bought quite a bit of stuff on eBay if you need verification of my trust. Payment will be done through PayPal and I will mail out the figure using USPS with delivery confirmation (domestic shipping only). I’m aware of how expensive Sorceress is on eBay (even loose) so I’ll be a little more fair with the pricing. If you are interested, send me a PM.
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