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Thread: Somebody needs to start thinking about the little guys...

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    Somebody needs to start thinking about the little guys...

    The most recent trademarks got me thinking about just how many "little people" really deserve to get made into action figures before MOTUC end. Some have assumed we are going to get them via pack in like Orko & Cringer, while others have posted that they want multi-packs. Everyone is afraid of rising costs. Added pack in will probably drive the price up even more! Many characters are already fighting over monthly slots, and we already have a wide variety of quarterly items. I fear for how these little guys fit in the current strategy. I propose another sub-line. I know, I know "More you say" but hear me out. "MOTUC companion collection: Three Inch scaled, minimally articulated figures line" They would be cheaper to produced thus cheaper to buy. Half the size would mean half the price right? If packed individually this could be multiple years worth of subscriptions! But fear not for your wallet (or for display room HA!) because I'm thinking of this as a line extension in 2016 rather then a sub addition in 2014 or even 2015.

    1. Gwildor
    2. Rotar
    3. Twistoid
    4. Kowl [reuse potential; Cartoon colors, Kowla & Red Eye]
    5. Loo Kee
    6. Imp
    7. Madam Razz & Broom
    8. Sprag
    9. Sprint
    10. Spritina
    11. Sprocker
    12. Squinch
    13. Cando
    14. Laura
    15. Skeletor's Robot Knights
    16. Dree Elle
    17. Montork
    18. Odiphus (Kowl retool!)
    19. Marzo Twigget body
    20. Gorpo [Concept, sub exclusive]
    21. Oracle [Old Man Orko, MYP]
    22. Alcon
    23. Gepple
    24. Krek
    25. Meldoc

    That's mostly series regulars and popular reoccurring characters. I don't even want to think of all the fan demanded characters I'm leaving out ... You know like Starchild and Tullamore I'm sure some fan will demand them In all honesty what do you think? Am I way off my rocker? Who do you want and how much are you willing to pay for them?
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