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  • Vintage MOTU

    5 3.36%
  • Filmation

    5 3.36%
  • Princess of Power

    19 12.75%
  • New Adventures

    41 27.52%
  • Vintage mini-comics/comics

    8 5.37%
  • 200x/2002/MYP

    16 10.74%
  • Concept Figures

    6 4.03%
  • New Characters (30th Anniversary)

    49 32.89%
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Thread: What is your LEAST favorite faction/era in MOTUC?

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    What is your LEAST favorite faction/era in MOTUC?

    If you had to choose, what is your LEAST favorite faction/era in MOTUC?
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    I went with NA . Would of went with pop but on the cartoon there were some great characters and if not for pop we wouldnt have the hordes.

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    Definitely the mini-comics faction. Incredibly "meh" to me.

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    I want more 30th ann but this time more thought put into it. Motu could use new characters and designs. But I still want all the vintage established as well. And love filmation characters and mini comic characters that were never made into toys. I look forward to them things along with the vintage toys

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    Filmation in all it's forms. For every Shadow Weaver or Shokoti we get, we pay for them with stinkers like Plundor, Icer, Batros, and Fangman.

    Yes, in the 30th we got Spector, Sir Laser Lot, and Photog which are terrible figures in my book but Draego Man, Cy Chop and Castle Grayskull man are great, so it's an even split.

    The 200X figures have been very useful for parts so that balances out figures Dactus and Marzo.

    I like all the NA figures we've gotten so far and welcome both versions of NA Skeletor, Mara, NA Sorceress, and other warrior-type characters from the series. (I wouldn't mind Drizzi but definitely not Master Sebrian, scientists, or Caz.)
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    30th was mostly bad but had a couple of great figs (CGM, Draego).

    But New Adventures is by far my least favorite
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    I voted 30th anniversary although I liked the majority of those figures.

    MOTU, POP, Filmation, mini-comics, MYP are all things that I've always been a fan of so of course I can't vote against them.

    When New Adventures premiered in the 80s I wasn't a fan and still think it was a low point at the time BUT I love the way New Adventures have been incorporated into Classics thus far and now really want the Classics/Horsemen version of all those figures and many of the Jetlag characters (many of these I now want more than half the remaining MOTU vintage figures). So I absolutely can't vote against New Adventures now.

    As far as figures go I've enjoyed all the concept figures released. They are great surprises to the line and something I wish we continued to get more of. Vikor is now one of my favorite figures. My only complaint here is I wasn't a fan of the character story for either Vykron or the Fighting Foe Men. They are great figures, but their backstory kinda brings them down in my eyes, and I wasn't a fan of the one character with swappable armor notion for Vykron, and even less of a fan about getting 75% of the vehicle drivers in a pack (either make it a 4 pack or treat them as singles to be released spaced out over time) and making the heroic drivers and the evil driver all part of one evil team just doesn't make sense to me. But otherwise I like everything about the concept figures and want more.

    So that leaves 30th Anniversary. I didn't mind them and really liked 4 out 6 but wasn't a fan of SLL or Cy-Chop. I don't hate them buy any means, but out of everything we've gotten Cy-Chop is probably my least favorite and SLL is probably in the 2nd or 3rd least favorite spot. So with 2 out 6 coming in at the bottom I have to vote against the 30th line even though I really like the other 4 figures.
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    I would have voted NA if it was real.....hehe.

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    Definitely New Adventures by far.

    I like the Space Mutants though. They make for pretty cool MOTUC figures. The NA heroes though....brutal.
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    gotta go with the 30th anniversary guys on that...i only liked how one of those turned out. many will say NA, but at the very least, i think the bad guys have made for great MOTUC figures for the most part, and i'm psyched about Hydron.
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    except Draego man the new characters suck
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    Had to go with POP.. ..just something i have no attachment to...

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    Heroic Warrior mister_e's Avatar
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    Voted for the 30th Anniversary figures. I am not a fan of any of them.

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    I'm going to say 200X. Very, very few characters I want from this era and they are all villains...
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    POP for me, no attachment whatsoever.

    The classics versions rock thou

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    Well, with a gun to my head and strapped with dynamite, I'd say the Dare era, probably because its new and we don't have anything from it except King He-man.
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    Went with 200X, mainly MYP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    Definitely New Adventures by far.

    I like the Space Mutants though. They make for pretty cool MOTUC figures. The NA heroes though....brutal.
    I'm with the good count here. They can stop at the currently-announced figures and I'll be satisfied. I would like to see Sagitar though, he's cool independent of his setting.

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    Have to reluctantly go with Princess of Power.

    I love the minicomics and classic comics, love the Filmation He-Man, grew up with MYP and have begun to collect Classics.

    Even NA, weird as it sounds, holds a bit of an attractive mystique to me. POP on the other hand always just bothered me with its girliness, for lack of a better word. I don't dislike most of the supporting characters, but I don't find them compelling either. I can't even keep track of who's who. It took me weeks of watching it to realize that Bow and Sea Hawk were different characters. I dislike She-Ra herself. She always seems to have this obnoxious, prissy, holier than thou sort of feel to her. Funny, because I really like Adora herself, I think she's great.

    I don't hate POP, I just don't really like it very much.

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    Gosh, I really love it all and want pretty much anything we can get from each era. That said, I could live with the lighter NA offerings we are likely to see. I need NA Skeletor and more Mutants, sure, but could be fine if taht's as far as we get now.
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    I went with the 30th anniversary becaus.e I only like The Castle Grayskull Man... but also the New Adventures are my least favorite faction because I only like only Crita... and also Pop is here too! I only like She-ra! (Adora, Sea Hawk, Huntara and the feminine side of the Horde are Filmation accordin' to me!).
    The 200x is at second place... I only like King Grayskull, Keldor, Kronis, Zodak, Tuvar and Baddhra!
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    I had to vote NA, it was not much of a choice. NA loses (wins?) by default.

    For instance I dont exactly want alot of minicomics stuff, just the stuff that's unique to it. So if I had to have a full line of MOTUC NA Figures, or a full line of MInicomic figures including all the minicomic pre filmation versions of say he-man and skeletor and all that, I'd take NA easily, because I dont need or want "Minicomic" Versions of most of the main characters, because they are really the same thing.

    Same with 200x. Love the new stuff, like Carnivus, Dactys, EVILSEED, ect. But if I could get a whole line of NA in MOTUC or 200x versions of all the main characters in their 200x designs specifically, skip that. They're just too similar. I dont want alot of variants.

    I take new over same character.

    But really if you count the new stuff, or the stuff unique to that particular era, I want it all. But though there is probably less minicomic unique stuff I want, I'd want it more than alot of the NA heroes. I am great with alot of the NA Space Mutants, and very few of the heros. Most of them I just dont care about, and If I had to choose Geldor, Lodar, Procrustus, Green Goddess, and whatever over a bunch of human NA heroes? I'd take those minicomics guys.

    Mind, I'd prolly take Flogg, Optik, Slush Head, & Sagitar over the Minicomic guys. But I got 3 of the 4 so it's not much of a loss at this point.

    BUt I wouldnt trade Sagitar for Lodar and beyond that I cant think of any other minicomic guys I really care about off hand.

    But I still think there's just too much NA I dont really care about, and it's the Human Galactic Protectors.

    Heck, I'd take Songster over just about anyone left right now. I think anyone.

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    200x and New Adventures.

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    New Adventures. True, some of the characters [like Optikk, Karatti and Slush-Head] look good, but the designs from that era are usually just bleh and I'm not the biggest fan of the cartoon. Okay, that's an understatement, I hate everyone in the cartoon except for Slush-Head.

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    NA and it's not close. Sorry NA fans.

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