View Poll Results: 2014 Mini-Sub... What Line Would You Like To See?

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  • POP

    54 32.14%
  • New Adventures

    18 10.71%
  • 200X

    19 11.31%
  • The Little Guys (Odiphus, Marzo etc...)

    6 3.57%
  • Mini Comic Characters (i.e. Geldor)

    17 10.12%
  • Variant Mini Comic Characters (i.e. Prince Adam)

    5 2.98%
  • Filmation (i.e. continuation of the 2013 mini sub)

    35 20.83%
  • Variant Filmation (i.e. Hordak)

    4 2.38%
  • Mini Masters (i.e. He-Man/Skele SDCC 2013)

    2 1.19%
  • Other (explain)

    2 1.19%
  • None

    6 3.57%
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Thread: 2014 Mini-Sub... What Line Would You Like To See?

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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    Jan 2010

    2014 Mini-Sub... What Line Would You Like To See?

    Ok sooo, let's see if i can make this poll a little more user friendly than my last attempt...

    The premise goes like this ~

    In 2012, we had an additional six figure 30th Anniversary mini-sub along side the regular Club Eternia sub.

    In 2013, we have the additional six figure Filmation mini-sub along side the regular Club Eternia sub.

    In 2014, assuming the line continues (which i totally believe it will) which six figure mini-sub would you prefer (or like to see) Mattel roll out along side the regular Club Eternia sub?

    Which one of the following would you choose:

    POP? NA? 200X? The Little Guys? Mini Comic Characters? Variant Mini Comic Characters? Filmation? Variant Filmation? Mini-Masters? Other? None?
    Most Wanted MOTU Classics:

    *200X ~ WMD Roboto/Sorceress *Filmation ~ Teela' Na/Hawke *Play-Sets ~ Eternia/Crystal Castle *Vehicles ~ Land Shark/Roton *Beasts ~ Stridor/Dragoon

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    Heroic Warrior H.A.L.9000's Avatar
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    Ba'hee Priss Dimmie Forever!!
    would LOVE LOVE LOVE a NA sub line or a MINI comics line!!!..that would be great!
    White jays, white horse , white wrist , white Porsche -

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jul 2010
    mini comic characters...

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    Heroic Warrior Omen's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    def the mini-comics.

    I'd add new 52 variants to the list as well.

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    Guardian of Grayskull zodak74's Avatar
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    Point Dread
    I would take a PoP sub, maybe even two!

    Double Trouble
    Sweet Bee

    with Classic Toy Costume Catra Vs. Starburst She-Ra as the 2014 SDCC exclusive, thank you

    This would leave the heavy-hitter/most-wanted figures (Glimmer, Angella, Mermista, Kowl) for the main sub or 2015, but guarantee that the C/D-list PoP classic gals get their chance to become MOTUC figures.

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    Evil Apologist of Mattel Count Marzo's Avatar
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    Planet Eronia
    Toss up between POP and Filmation.

    Basically those are the categories that have the MOST/COOLEST characters that I want.
    BLK FLWR!!!!

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    Heroic Warrior DC_WARLORD's Avatar
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    Skartaris, Inner Earth
    I went with the Mini Comics because I really want BLUE VEST PRINCE ADAM and GREEN TRAP JAW. Total must-haves!

    But I also want a FILMATION COUNT MARZO.... Darn it!
    Odd Man Out

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    Slashor CreamCheeseAlchemy's Avatar
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    Pop sub. Me and my seven subs (6 MOTUC, 1 Filmation) wouldn't be around here without it
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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    Little guys first, PoP next, and very close at that.
    MOTUC Most Wanted: Skeleteen, Prince Keldor, Captain Randor, The Great Black Wizard, Lady Slither, Spirit, Tuvar, Baddra, Cursed Marzo, Tug-O-War, Scrollos, Songster, Mini-Comics Spirit of Castle Grayskull, and for the love of the Sorceress and Julie Winston, ODIPHUS!!!

    Instagram: Just_Thommy

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
    Little Guys makes the most sense since I feel like Pop & NA are getting their share, or will. Filmation is doing pretty well too.

    LIttle guys seems like it would have the most wanted of the least likely to get made.

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    SoH Supporter He-Dad's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Green Bay, WI
    I would love a comic mini-sub....but not just vintage mini comics....combination of all the comics.

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    Sorcerer of Zalesia bcrduke's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    As great as a lot of those subs would be, what most of you are forgetting is that Filmation is the only time sensitive one because Mattel is licensing the rights. It just makes more sense to get out as many Filmation figs as possible while we still have access to them.
    There's a time limit on all the characters because motuc won't last forever

    I'm willing to be that mattel's licensing deal is for the life of the motuc action figure line, at least.
    A Want List: Starburst She-Ra, Ghost, Mini Comic Tri-Klops, Mini-Comic/Vintage Toy costume Catra, The Enchantress, Kayo, Joya, Lt. Andra, Storm, Twiggets, Melaktha, Sagitar, Spirit, Kothos, Master Sebrian, Weapons Paks, Fuerza T figures, 200X Sorceress, King Miro, Dree-Elle & Uncle Montork.

    Filmation Variants: She-Ra, Bow, Mantenna, Leech, Entrapta, Grizzlor, Prince Adam, Glimmer, Adora
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