View Poll Results: 2014 Mini-Sub... What Line Would You Like To See?

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  • POP

    54 32.73%
  • New Adventures

    17 10.30%
  • 200X

    17 10.30%
  • The Little Guys (Odiphus, Marzo etc...)

    6 3.64%
  • Mini Comic Characters (i.e. Geldor)

    17 10.30%
  • Variant Mini Comic Characters (i.e. Prince Adam)

    5 3.03%
  • Filmation (i.e. continuation of the 2013 mini sub)

    35 21.21%
  • Variant Filmation (i.e. Hordak)

    4 2.42%
  • Mini Masters (i.e. He-Man/Skele SDCC 2013)

    2 1.21%
  • Other (explain)

    2 1.21%
  • None

    6 3.64%
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Thread: 2014 Mini-Sub... What Line Would You Like To See?

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    Zombies.....definatly Zombies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    As great as a lot of those subs would be, what most of you are forgetting is that Filmation is the only time sensitive one because Mattel is licensing the rights. It just makes more sense to get out as many Filmation figs as possible while we still have access to them.
    There's a time limit on all the characters because motuc won't last forever

    I'm willing to be that mattel's licensing deal is for the life of the motuc action figure line, at least.
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    Little guys sub. There are a lot of fairly significant ones that are not yet made, they could easily make 6, if not 12 in a year. I'm not that excited about a tiny Marzo, but Odiphus is fine. We also need Kowl, Lookee, Uncle Montork, Dree Elle, Grrr for the often-used ones.

    Then you could pepper in some less obvious ones like a Manchine here, a Twigget there, Maybe a Meteorb or two, etc. Maybe the Treeperchaun so we can one day reenact all of "The Dragon's Gift". I've been complaining about lack of little guys for three years now. We've gotten a few big guys, let's get some little guys too.

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    As much as I like seeing more of the Alcala creatures made in this line, I voted for the 200X characters and variants. Many of those designs were truly epic.
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    Thought it might be timely to revive this poll considering NYTF is just days away and the potentiality we might hear something re: a 2014 mini-sub...

    Don't know about a zombie sub though... LoL.
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