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  • I might pick up ONE extra figure every once in a while.

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  • I would probably buy ONE extra figure every month

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  • I would probably buy MORE THAN ONE extra figure every month

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Thread: Would you buy differently if Matty combined shipping?

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    Would you buy differently if Matty combined shipping?

    This month is my first in Club Eternia. I was considering picking up a Wally West figure to go with my Stinkor. It was then explained to me that Stinkor is on sale on the 14th and Wally is not on sale until the 15th. Which means that I would have to pay an individual shipping charge to grab one. He's just not worth that much money for him. I'll be passing.

    I wonder how everyone else's shopping habits are influenced by Matty's refusal to combine shipping charges from the 14th and 15th? What if they decided to wait until the 16th to ship any orders placed on the 14th and 15th and automatically combined the shipping on all orders. Would that change your shopping habits?
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    You don't really have a choice to my liking, I often buy extra figures just depends on what is offered. I would love for items to all be combined from the same selling period and have been championing this for 3 years now. If I'm only buying a single item I would probably skip it (previously did this with the last JLU 3 pack), but if I'm purchasing multiple items I still do it.

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    I would but figures from early access is the shipping was combined. I would buy extra of sub figures too if shipping was combined.
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    I would have tried for an e tea Spirit of Hordak if I could have purchased Silk Spectre via early access. Or at least put it in a pile of loot so I could add Sulk Spectre on the 15th.

    Now I won't bother with either . 2 sales gone.
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    I want to get two Karatti tomorrow but only if shipping doesn't double up

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    I might grab the occassional extra or other line's figure once in a while...
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    I rarely ever want a double of anything, but when I do I buy it. I have a sub, so anything I buy extra has extra shipping, but that's never deterred me from buying the one or two extra things a year I want. And being able to combine shipping would not entice me to buy something extra. I'd appreciate it of course, but it wouldn't sway me either way.

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    I gave up extras when the price jumped to $27 DOS....and I haven't bought anything DOS since December, and only twice for Early Access (Strobo & SOH)....If there was a CS stock figure and an extra I had to have DOS, yes it would be nice....but that hasn't happened yet. So honestly, it wouldn't matter much to me, only in that rare occasion that it may happen, but even then....once wouldn't matter.

    Now if they could manage to combine the main cart with the EA that would be an amazing and nice feature.....stupid that the carts are not together.
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    Because they won't combine other buys that come-out (like, if i want a DC figure with my MOTUC figure this month) I am cancelling my sub. It'd be cheaper to NOT have a sub and to cherry pick, than to pay $38 for each figure shipped.
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    maybe maybe a little. Nothing significant.

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