View Poll Results: Which color combo screams "MOTU" the most?

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  • Orange and green

    29 43.28%
  • Orange and blue

    8 11.94%
  • Blue and purple

    9 13.43%
  • Blue and red

    21 31.34%
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Thread: Which color combo screams "MOTU" the most?

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    Which color combo screams "MOTU" the most?

    Orange and green

    Orange and blue

    Blue and purple

    Blue and red

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    Blue and red, mostly because of the Vintage cards.
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    Orange and green, because I can't find much else in my personal memory to associate those with. I can think of a lot of different things for each of those color combos, but orange and green brings be right to Battle Cat, and thus to MotU.
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    I voted orange of green.

    But orange Green, blue Purple both convey it equally.

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    I voted for blue and purple. All hail Skeletor!!
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    I voted for orange and green, which for me symbolize the Heroic Warriors (because of Battle Cat, Man-at-Arms... even though it was also used for Tri-Klops). And if I had to narrow it down to just one color to represent this faction, I'd go with orange.

    My second choice for the "most MotU-like color combination" would be Skeletor's blue and purple, which I find symbolic of the Evil Warriors. Again, if I had to narrow it down to just one color, I'd represent this faction by means of purple.

    Red and black seem the obvious choice for "Horde colors" (or just red). And green and red the "Snake Men colors" (or just green). Pink, or some pinkish shade of red, seems like the most straightforward choice for the Great Rebellion, probably combined with yellow.

    I cannot pinpoint exactly why (I suppose because of Flipshot, Mara and NA He-Man), but blue is the color I tend to associate the most with the Galactic Guardians/Protectors. The second color of a two-color combination for this faction would probably be yellow. And as for the Space Mutants, either yellowgreen or bluegreen (or both) seem my preferred color for them.

    Then there's the Powers of Grayskull faction (if we may refer to the Preternian heroics as such), which for some undefined reason I strongly tend to identify with color brown (probably because of Eldor), or brown and lime green.

    Summing up:


    or just Heroic Warriors faction

    or just Evil Warriors faction


    or just Great Rebellion faction

    █ or just Evil Horde faction


    or just "Powers of Grayskull" faction

    or just Snake Men faction


    or just Galactic Guardians/Protectors faction

    or just Space Mutants faction

    However, the most symbolic color combo for the Masters of the Universe brand as a whole is probably deep blue and red, if only because those are the main colors of its logo (and of the vintage "meteor shower" card art).

    or just Masters of the Universe brand
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    Blue and red, mostly because of the Vintage cards.
    My thought exactly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    Blue and red, mostly because of the Vintage cards.
    Wow, precisely!

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