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Thread: TMNT LEGO and other LEGO set Lot For Sale

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    TMNT LEGO and other LEGO set Lot For Sale

    4 Complete, loose TMNT Lego sets for sale (and other misc. loose complete sets):

    Price breakdown:

    TMNT: Turtle Lair Attack $35 (comes with box)
    TMNT: Stealth Shell in Pursuit $15
    TMNT: Shredder’s Dragon Bike $15
    TMNT: Kraang Lab Escape $5 (comes with box)
    Galaxy Squad: Swarm Interceptor $10 (comes with box)
    Galaxy Squad: Space Swarmer $5 (comes with box)
    The Hobbit: Riddles for the Ring $5
    Lord of the Rings Gandalf Arrives $5

    Complete, loose. All pieces, parts, and manuals included. Excellent condition.

    I'm only looking to sell these sets together as a lot, as it isn't cost effective w/ shipping to break them up. I'd be willing to go $90 (with shipping included) for all of the above.

    The Galaxy Squad sets and Hobbot/LOTR sets aren't pictured, but they are in newly assembled/ loose/ complete condition/ same as the TMNT sets.

    Thanks for looking and PM if interested Offer for inner 48 U.S. residents only. Paypal accepted.

    *note: the instruction manual for the Fishface TMNT set (Stealth Shell in Pursuit) was assembled incorrectly at the factory/ manufacturer. I had to watch a time lapse Youtube vid to assemble it, lol, just wanted to let buyers know.

    Please see attached images:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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