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Thread: dental bills keep piling up, need to go to an oral surgeon. MH dolls for sale

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    dental bills keep piling up, need to go to an oral surgeon. MH dolls for sale

    I have to go to an oral surgeon now to get my teeth out, dentist decided he couldn't do it. That means I may have to pay more for the surgeon plus I'm out $150 for a dentist visit that accomplished nothing. So I have no choice but to sell some stuff.

    Paypal is preferred. If you don't have a Paypal account but have a credit/debit card I can arrange for you to pay with a "guest" payment through Paypal- it would be the same as if you paid with an account but you won't need to sign up. If you have no Paypal and can't/won't pay as a guest I can take a money order from the post office if you're a US buyer.

    US buyers are preferred, but I can ship to Canada as well. Other countries can be arranged at my discretion.

    In the interest of getting rid of a few items I wish to part off but can't sell, I'm pairing up some music CDs with the dolls. Consider them bonuses.

    signature Abbey Bominable- loose doll, all clothes and stand. No pet, brush or diary. Second release with fur pulled above boots. Includes copy of the CD "U Don't Know What Time It Is" by Trudy Lynn- $19

    Signature Venus McFlytrap- loose, all clothes, stand and handbag. No pet, diary or brush. Includes copy of the CD "Breed" by Lauren Cristy- $18

    Signature Spectra Vondergeist- second release "reissue". Loose doll, all clothes and purse, plus stand. Her hands are from DDG Spectra and have the silver wrist cuffs. She also comes with a spectra iCoffin and DDG Spectra's purse and earrings. Includes copy of the CD "Wake Up Screaming" by the band Every Mother's Nightmare- $21

    McFarlane Toys Spawn series 2 Angela action figure- loose complete, has the ribbon on the staff. $3

    SD memory card and reader lot- SOLD

    * 1 Sandisk Class 2 4 GB SDHC memory card
    * 1 Kingston Class 4 4 GB Micro SDHC memory card
    * 1 USB stick Micro SD card reader/adapter
    * 1 USB stick SD card reader/adapter
    * 1 Sandisk SD card reader slot for PC with USB cable
    * 1 Targus multi-card reader(slots for SD, Compact Flash, xD and Sony Pro Duo cards) for PC with USB cable
    * 1 small clear plastic case that holds 1 SD card and 1 Micro SD card
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