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Thread: Zanthor, Zodac helper

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    Zanthor, Zodac helper

    I'm quite surprised about the absence of a thread about the mighty Zanthor!
    Zanthor appeared in the episode "The Golden Disks Of Knowledge" and I know that he isn't an essential but he can be a Travelling Figure.
    Check the pictures from the episode:

    With the Golden Disks Of Knowledge:

    As Zodac helper:

    A raw mockup:

    And finally the list of the parts that we need:
    New: head, helmeted head, armor and golden disks (realized in the same fashion of the piece of the Dark Star that comes with Strobo)
    TRU Zodac: enforcer armor, legs, arms and loincloth
    Scareglow: cape
    and finally a regular human torso
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