Who remembers these 2 underrated Disney produced comic adaptations? i saw both movies in theaters 4 times when i was 9 and 10 and i loved them. I had DT/Rocketeer trading cards, magazines, t-shirts, some toys, posters and all that as as a kid.

Paul Sorvino was in both movies and he was terrific in them especially as Lips Manlis. Both movies had a nice cast like Warren Beatty, Billy Campbell, Dustin Hoffman, Alan Arkin, Timothy Daltin, Al Pacino (he was hilarious as Big Boy Caprice), Ed Lauter, Mandy Patakin, Terry O'Quinn, Jennifer Connelly, Madonna, William Forsyate, Charles During, R.G Armstrong and so many others.

Who thinks DT was like the Sin City of it's time and Rocketeer was the Iron Man of it's day?

I also gotta say that Jennifer Connelly was a major league hottie as Jenny in Rocketeer no doubt as she helped me go through manhood, hell Madonna never looked hotter than in DT as Breathless Mahoney and in that scene where she stepped out in that black nightgown, holy crap! also ushered me to manhood, lol.