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Thread: Karatti Episodes/Prominence?

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    Karatti Episodes/Prominence?

    Hey, y'all,

    What with Karatti's figure being released and all, I'm wondering: What did he do in the series? Did he ever get an episode? A good moment or two? How was he memorable aside from being one of Flogg's many henchmen?

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    He did early on but faded into the background later in the series. It's worth noting he was not at all portrayed as the cowardly idiot his Classics bio makes him out to be. On the contrary he was a formidable fighter who once called Hydron a coward simply because he was dodging Karatti's attacks instead of fighting him head on. A smart tactic on Hydron's part because Karatti had previously shown himself to nearly a match for He-Man in hand to hand combat. he once knocked He-Man's sword from his hand with karate chops. (though He-Man also once blocked a blow with the sword which hurt Karatti's hand)

    During the Mutant's occupation of Primus it was mentioned that Karatti had taken control of Serus (Hydron's underwater home city) this happened off screen though.

    An interesting moment that showed off Karatti's intelligence was when he was able to expose He-Man disguised as a Mutant trooper by noticing the only slightly off behavior
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    Watch the entire series it is truely a hidden gem and isn't given enough credit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermista View Post
    Watch the entire series it is truely a hidden gem and isn't given enough credit.

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    I know this won't be helpful to answer the question of what episodes you should watch, but I will concur that the latter episodes (from volume 2 of the DVD set) definitely put Karatti in a background role, and would not be good to get a sense of this character.

    This site should give you a summary of which episodes he was in though:

    I found this when I was trying to find eps he was in as well. I never even knew about this site before then.

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    Karatti was the first mutant that He-Man fought in the first episode. I always thought that was a cool distinction for him. I'm excited for the NA He-Man MOTUC, too! Reenactment time!

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    "The Heat", "Attack on Onnor" and "Battle for Levitan" feature his best moments, and are really the only episodes where he has a significant role.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermista View Post
    Watch the entire series it is truely a hidden gem and isn't given enough credit.
    This is the TRUTH!!
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    Hoove and Karatti were a very deadly duo in the early cartoons. Loved these two characters. Just watched the "Battle For Levaton", and loved they way Karatti discovered the masked He-Man, when he saluted Flogg with the wrong hand. I actually really liked the cartoon. I thought it was well-done.
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