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  • I've been actively buying all or most MOTU figures since the 1980s

    36 35.29%
  • I've been actively buying all or most MOTU figures since the1990s

    7 6.86%
  • I've been actively buying all or most MOTU figures since the 200X line

    25 24.51%
  • Since 2008

    9 8.82%
  • Since 2009

    4 3.92%
  • Since 2010

    4 3.92%
  • Since 2011

    4 3.92%
  • Since 2012

    10 9.80%
  • Since 2013 (This year.)

    3 2.94%
  • I no longer collect MOTU figures

    0 0%
  • Masters of the what now???

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Thread: How long have you been here?

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    Heroic Warrior No-Ah's Avatar
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    How long have you been here?

    This is something I'm really curious about. I know that most (all) of us man-children bought He-Man as kids, but at some point we took a break and did other things. I'm wondering when you came back and became an active collector of MOTUC or even earlier. I mean, how long have you been keeping up on all the news and buying, if not all, a sizable portion of all the MOTU figures being produced?

    EDIT: There's a typo in the poll question. It should say "How long have you actively been collecting" not "collection." If a mod can fix that, I would be grateful.
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    Color'licious! JVS3's Avatar
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    I've been in the community since, I believe, Dec of 1995. I'm not the best example.

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    Heroic Warrior No-Ah's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    I got back in with the Castle Grayskull pre-order in November 2012 and bought my first MOTUC figures in December 2012. Before that, I hadn't even thought about He-Man since maybe 1983?

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    No Red Beast, We Riot! Whiplash7's Avatar
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    Sold my toys when I was 12, in 1985. Kept the minicomics and such, as they were always important to me. But I left the world of toys altogether and never looked back until about 2008. I saw some nostalgic things online and registered here. I mostly looked at customs, and didn't post, until they released the MOTUC line. I've been on board since, and they're only toys I purchase. I've tried buying figs from a couple other Mattel lines (DC, Ghostbusters) but they just don't resonate with me like MOTUC.

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    Über Fan Adam_Prince of Eternia's Avatar
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    I started in 1982 and never stopped.

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    Council Elder Tallstar's Avatar
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    I started re-collecting what I had as a kid (and beyond what I had) in the late 90s. eBay wasn't yet a household name and you could get pretty good deals.
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    I never had MOTU toys as a kid and didn't start collecting until I stumbled upon the MOTU Classics in early 2009 (and have collected every figure since then). During this time I have also been able to track down most of the vintage, New Adventures, 200X, stactions, and busts.
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    It all started....

    I remember when.....

    Back then it was.....

    Had it been that long? Or is it not long enough yet. But been there, been here and been everywhere else MOTU has been!
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    Ally of Hordak Robin Hood's Avatar
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    Never had the toys when I was kid. Just watched the cartoons and movies, and read some of the comics. Only got back into MOTUC when I stumbled upon after having a 'nostalgia moment' and doing an internet search at the end of 2008 to find out what happened to He-Man and She-Ra. Joined in early 2009. Visited and collected MOTUC action figures regularly from 2011 onwards - before then had bought the occasional MOTUC figure from comic stores across Europe (I travel a lot on business).
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    Heroic Warrior RocketPunch's Avatar
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    Back in the '80s I had some of the vintage toys, watched the cartoon, read the comics etc. By '92 i'd lost interest in He-Man, and moved on to other toylines. Got back into MOTU around '99 thanks to Busta Toons/Zadoc Angel's old cartoon review website, which soon led me to the .Org.

    Restarted my collection from scratch with the Commemorative releases of Teela, Evil-Lyn and Mer-Man in 2000. I now have most of the vintage MOTU, some PoP, some NA, and nearly all of the 200X & Classics.

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    Vintage Vintage Vintage Vlcan's Avatar
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    Since the late 90's. I stumbled across a toy shop loaded with about 25 MOC vintage figures between $20 & $50. And yes I bought them all. So I started collecting MOC & loose minty complete vintage figures. Have the ENTIRE 200x line MOC/MIB. And currently collect the Classics line as well. What a fun ride it's been collecting MOtU.

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Aug 2012
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    I got back in last fall with the He-Man and BattleCat deal Matty ran.
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    The Original ScoJo76's Avatar
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    I still have my entire and nearly complete collection of vintage MOTU. All loose, of course, but in good condition and well preserved. I was a tad persnickety about my toys as a child. So technically, I'm old school. But my real passion for MOTU kicked in when the 200X toy line and show came out. So I'm voting as part of the 200X crowd.

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    a Muppet of a man...
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    I voted "Since the 90s." I grew up with MOTU in the 80s, but in the early 90s I started seeing stuff at flea markets and garage sales that I didn't remember/recognize (Scare Glow was the first one) That rekindled it and I've been onboard ever since.

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    Indie Toy Making Mod! markatisu's Avatar
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    Collected the vintage growing up, then got back into the line during 200x where I was able to get all the NA figures super duper cheap. Stayed after 200x died through the stactions and now into MOTUC
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    When did the Commemorative re-releases come out? 2002? That's when I started after getting the initial MOTU toys as a kid. Then it continued with the 200X and ended up with MOTUC.
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    Heroic Warrior DC_WARLORD's Avatar
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    Like my avatar, I'm a grizzled, 'combat hardened' veteran. I've been around since '82.

    However, there was a looong, dry gap between 1986 and 2002. I'm not sure why....
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    Got Filmation? shadowfall1976's Avatar
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    ORG & MOTUC since July 2011, MOTU since 1983....Filmation.

    I've been a fan of He-Man since day one of the Filmation cartoon....BUT, I never liked the movie, I never heard of NA (then didn't like it, at all) until I got into Classics, and 200X turned me off when I saw them in stores....I hated that line. So, basically, I'm a more Vintage oriented fan, so when I heard of Classics in 2008 I was like, damn I have to check those out....then I forgot about them with Collecting Transformers since 2006 when the Classics line started (before I had only Vintage G1 Transformers), then in 2011 I was reminded of them, and started to play catch up with my favorites and childhood used to haves.

    I have been on the Org since August 2011, and I got my first Classics early July 2011. I still have a few original Vintage figures of mine though.

    Now I have over 60 chosen Classics (being I have every figure I want from the line so far, except a few I am on the fence about, so no biggie if I don't get them anyway), a few customs I did to keep (two of which Mattel will likely never do, especially now with the line in decline) & more coming with my sub this year. And looking forward to a Mini Masters line....hopefully....

    I'm a picker of every line I collect, and even with a sub, I'm still a picker.
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    Well that was dumb! Is-rael's Avatar
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    Seems this has been asked before. So that being said I got the toys as a kid then watched the cartoon when it came on. Took a break when I discovered skateboards and GIRLS. Kept my figs and castle/vehicles through the years checking on them every so often. I secured a wife and some kids so I brought out my now vintage MOTU stuff. After taking inventory I went on the eBay and filled some holes. Then decided to start collecting the Classics after I got my first one and saw how awesome they are. Now my son tells me I have too many He-man's.
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    Royal Guard chuc98's Avatar
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    I had the entire vintage line, including the Eternia play set. With all that long gone, I got back in it around 2000 lurking here and dove back in with the 200X reboot. It's been a wild ride the past 10 years here on this forum!
    200X fan? Classic fan? What does that mean? I'm a MotU fan!!!

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    Lord of Darkkbricks Darkkosis's Avatar
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    I voted for "I've been actively buying all or most MOTU figures since the 200X line".
    However I must say, that I lost most of my old 80's collection to my cousins due to moving, then when the 200X came around, I've collected most of what I could find back then that looked decent, but later on, I lost interest after Mattel's announcement that the line is dead, I was so angry to a point that I refused to collect the beautiful stactions, although I was big fan of the design elements of that era.
    Now the Classics is my biggest MOTU line to this day, hopping for it to continue with vehicles, beasts and playsets, at least the important/popular ones (Although not likely).

    As for these boards, I've been reading it off and on since the early 2000's, but decided to become a member when the Classics emerged.
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    Fire By Night Falconhood's Avatar
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    I loved MOTU back when I first laid eyes on the very first 4 figures at Sky City in the 80s.
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    Cunning Opportunist Danavas's Avatar
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    I was collecting, like most of us, in the 80s. I came in right in the middle of the line in 1985. I was only 2 when the line started.

    With that being said, when the line disintegrated in '87 I was no longer able to search and collect. Broke my heart. Getting a new He-Man figure was actually my last figure (I wore out 2 He-Man figures since '85). It was in a Hill's department store. There was an entire wall of just He-man.

    I never lost interest in MOTU, I just wasn't connected to the community. At the end of 2001 I got back into collecting the original figures after a bad breakup with a girlfriend. At the time I had no idea that there was a new line on the horizon. My search was so intense for the original figs that by the time the 2002 series began I had almost a complete collection of original figures. I've been collecting and in the fan community ever since. I was actually a member of the org back then (2001-2002) but I lost my account with the purging of non-private email accounts.

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    TWIGGET ENTHUSIAST! Swifty's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    I started re-collecting what I had as a kid (and beyond what I had) in the late 90s. eBay wasn't yet a household name and you could get pretty good deals.
    Those were indeed the days. If I knew then what I know now I would have scooped up a lot more in the 90's.

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    Heroic Warrior No-Ah's Avatar
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    I'm AMAZED to see that nearly a third of all the voters so far say they've been collecting since the 1980s without taking any time off.

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