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Thread: Earl Norem artwork

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    Earl Norem artwork

    Just asking..... Was there ever prints made of Earl's classic MOTU artwork? Or are we all stuck tracking down various posters and MOTU magazines?
    LOOKING for these MOTU Full Cardbacks:
    -Skeletor w/"original" promo on front
    -Man E Faces w/ "extra weapons" promo on front
    -Trap Jaw w/o Ring Promo on front & newer figures pictured on back
    -Tri Klops w/o Ring Promo on front & newer figures pictured on back
    & Mantisaur Empty Box (USA) Version

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    Theres a guy on Ebay that sells prints of some of the magazine posters, I have no idea how good the quality is as I've never bought one. If you can track down the magazines its worth it, I have every magazine poster framed in my bedroom and they look freakin awesome. Earl also had some prints available at Power-Con of the vintage Rock Warriors Golden Book cover and his painting for the 200x comic cover. Not sure if those are still around and being sold or not.

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