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    Need help from comic readers

    Hey gang. After many years, I'm finally getting back in to reading comic books, and loving it! So far, I've started the following..

    MOTU Ongoing
    TMNT Ongoing
    Walking Dead
    Smallville Season 11

    Now where I need help, is I need advice on what titles to add. Thing is, I DON'T want to read any titles where crossovers happen. For example, the new 'Death In The Family' spreads across SEVERAL DC titles, which I don't like. I hate jumping from book to book to complete a arc.

    With the titles I'm currently reading I listed above, they are stand alone ongoing books. Can you guys and gals recommend any other stand alone ongoing books? Is there any Marvel or DC books like that? I don't care if their mainstream, indie, b&w, or what, as long as they are stand alone ongoing & enjoyable titles.

    Thanks guys!

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    Fables is probably one of the best comic series ever written, although you would have to jump back a bit and read the trades to truly make sense of it. There was one crossover but it was only for three issues and was easy to follow. Fables had/has a few spin off books that are all quite good and enrich the universe, but aren't typically required (Jack of Fables, Fairest, Cinderella, the Literals).

    Most vertigo books are pretty self contained. American Vampire is always excellent.
    In regards to DC, I find that Batwoman to be one of the strongest titles and really is a standalone title. While it may reference other events, it doesn't crossover with other books.

    Locke and Key, while drawing to an end, is a fantastic book that is straightforward and tells a great story.

    I've also been enjoying exploring the more independant side of graphic novels through books by the likes of Derf Backderf, Chester Brown, Charles Burns, and Brosgol.
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    For the most part you will want to avoid titles from DC and Marvel,.

    Mouse Guard, it's ongoing but more as a collection of annual miniseries.

    I have found myself more going for older collected trades. Marvel and DC both have essential style collections that look like a coloring book that is uncolored but will have 30 issues in them and can be typically gotten for 10-30 bucks depending on sales. Part of the problem with most of their current titles is at any point they can decide to use the book in a crossover to either try to boost sales, or there was a sales boost (which seems 10 people all of the sudden picked up the title) so they have to introduce you to the other titles.

    Other titles that are ongoing that are I would say ok or have been (need to catch up)
    Red Sonja
    Queen Sonja
    Conan (the barbarian)
    If you like My Little Pony FIM their own going hasn't been too bad.

    With Marvel getting Star Wars Dark Horse is going to start a miniseries to wrap up their Start Wars titles based on the original screen play that Lucas was going to use, the one where Leia is sister to Wedge.
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    Invincible by Robert Kirkman is as good as TWD, although completely different in tone.
    The Goon is the most under-appreciated comic, and one of the very best.

    Why do you only want ongoing books? Some of the best books ever are are no longer running.

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    Thanks a lot guys. Well Brad, I only said that because I like books to look forward to each month. But, if you can reccomend any cancelled books I'd gladly look into them

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    Check out Red Sonja from Dynamite.
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