Hey gang. After many years, I'm finally getting back in to reading comic books, and loving it! So far, I've started the following..

MOTU Ongoing
TMNT Ongoing
Walking Dead
Smallville Season 11

Now where I need help, is I need advice on what titles to add. Thing is, I DON'T want to read any titles where crossovers happen. For example, the new 'Death In The Family' spreads across SEVERAL DC titles, which I don't like. I hate jumping from book to book to complete a arc.

With the titles I'm currently reading I listed above, they are stand alone ongoing books. Can you guys and gals recommend any other stand alone ongoing books? Is there any Marvel or DC books like that? I don't care if their mainstream, indie, b&w, or what, as long as they are stand alone ongoing & enjoyable titles.

Thanks guys!