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Thread: For Sale: Voyager Class SPRINGER MIB - $30

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    For Sale: Voyager Class SPRINGER MIB - $30

    MIB Transformers Voyager Class SPRINGER for sale: $30
    MIB Tranformers Voyageer Class BLITZWING for sale: $30 (Or $25 with purchase of Springer)

    Hello all! I am new here, but many will recognize me from other forums:

    I am General Hawk 7 on: IF I NEED TO POST ACTUAL LINKS, PLEASE *PM* ME.,,,, mattycollector
    I am Hawk on:
    And Im also on other forums where i trade as well.
    Oh, and Theauctionologist on ebay.

    I've recently gotten back into TF collecting (been years). So I have LOTs of TF wants! Want to help me build up my TF collection?

    Transformers WANTS (Loose is fine unless otherwise noted)
    Let me know what you have. Old or new.
    Various Non Hasbro / 3rd Party "Transformers". (ToyWorld, Unique, iGear etc. Let me know what you have.)
    -United Bumblebee UN-07 (also would like GB head if possible)
    -Xovergen Trailer Force TF-01
    -Green Giant or Hercules
    -Mad Beast (funky colored knock off of Predaking)
    - Others?
    -Iron Hide
    - Ratchet
    - Gears
    - Cosmos
    - Seaspray
    - Huffer
    - Brawn
    - Others?
    -Optimus Prime
    -Preferably TRU 3-Pack w Bumblebee
    Bumblebee (Classics or WFC)
    Jet Fire (G1 or Classics style)
    Predaking (TF Prime, Voyager Class) --- Currently In Stores!
    Predaking (reissue)
    Piranacon (reissue)
    Fall Of Cybertron
    -Grimlock (got one but might consider a second one)
    -SDCC Bruticus
    -"Cassets" (Decepticons only) ---- Currently in Stores!
    -Soundblaster ---- Currently in Stores!
    -Red Alert
    -Optimus Prime w Trailer and Spike (preferably TRU)
    Transformers Generations Legends
    -Optimus Prime
    Arcee (Transformers Prime, Pink or Blue)
    Grapple & Inferno (Not sure what line, Universe maybe? But they are all based on the same body)
    Ultra Magnus (Engergon version) (doesnt need to be complete as long as he has the two main parts)
    Others?...again...let me know what you have. New or old.


    MARVEL FIGURES MOC - I can ship loose to save you on shipping
    6" Hulk (Walmart Exclusive) - $20
    Black Widow (Marvel Select, Disney Exlcusive) - $20
    ML Black Widow (LOOSE - TRU Gray Version. Will trade for Black Version only, or will sell once Ive got the Black Version)
    US Agent ROML
    Ghost Rider (Blue variant) RTOML
    Thor ROML
    MORE HERE ----> Marvel Figures - Imgur <----- See Prices and Pictures here

    DC Figures
    Pictures here ---> DC Figures - Imgur
    Or here ---> DC Super Heroes - Greatwolf's Lair
    Black Canary - TRADED
    Bronze Tiger DCUC MOC
    Arkham City Legacy Catwoman & Batman 2-Pack (White Variants) - $25
    Todd Rice/Obsidian
    Star Saphire
    Skallox / Nite-Lik
    The Creeper
    Despotellis $3
    Dex-Starr - $7 obo

    1:6 SCALE (12") FIGURES - MIB Offers considered
    Hot Toys Black Widow (Avengers) - $250 shipped
    Hot Toys Avengers Hawkeye - $250 shipped (SOLD)
    Hot Toys Ironman 2 Mark V (hand broke but fixed) - only trade for another HT Iron Man version
    2x Hot Toys New Green Goblin - $130 (2x SOLD)
    Hot Toys 1:6 scale Barney Ross - $250 (not looking to trade him)
    Sideshow Desert Ops Cobra Officer (SOLD)
    2x OTAKU 1.2 Blonde Caucasian - $27 e
    2x OTAKU 1.2 Brunette Caucasian - $27 e
    2x Ghostbusters - Peter Venkman

    New Miscellaneous (MOC unless otherwise noted)
    Arkham City Legacy Editon Batman & Catwoman (Loose OR MOC) (White Variants) - $30
    TRU Exclusive Janine Melnitz (loose, comes with proton pack and proton blaster) - $10 - Can toss in Slimer for $5
    TRU Peter Venkman (loose. complete) - $5
    Magic The Gathering: Heavenly Inferno Commander Deck - Never removed from wrapper!
    AUTOBOT SPRINGER (30th Voyager Class)

    MOC unless otherwise noted:

    Keldor - $30
    Spirit Of Hordak (loose, no weapon) (For trade only)
    Netossa - $30
    Jitsu - $30
    Ram Man
    Mighty Spector - $30
    Hurricane Hordak - $20
    Zodak (loose) - $30
    Webstor (loose) - $35
    Dekker - $25
    Slush Head - $28
    Tri-Klops - (Loose, minus ring and doom seeker)
    2x Man-At-Arms - $45 e
    Battle Ground Teela - $30
    Vykron - Complete with pakaging
    Leech - $40
    Shadow Weaver's package and mailer (package is intact. I just opened it from bottom to preserve packaging) - $10 obo
    Great Unrest Weapons Pack Items:
    -Clawful Shield
    -Clawful mace
    -Draego Man Sword
    -Evil Lynn Shield

    MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - Greatwolf's Lair

    GI JOE 1982-2006
    GI JOE 1982-2006 - Greatwolf's Lair

    GI JOE 25th - POC I AM CLEARING OUT MY 25th - POC FIGURES!!! (MORE TO COME!!!) ------------ UPDATED - 12/30/12 !
    GI Joe 25th - ROC - Greatwolf's Lair

    GI JOE 80's File Cards
    GI Joe FILE CARDS 82-92 - Greatwolf's Lair

    STAR WARS More Star Wars figures to come
    Star Wars - Greatwolf's Lair
    TURBO TANK with Box! (only missing one missile)
    Jaina Solo MOC
    Darth Talon
    More to come as I am cleaning out my Star Wars figures!

    MARVEL LEGENDS/UNIVERSE + ---------- UPDATED 6/22/12
    (Marvel Legend to come. Inquire for list)
    MARVEL FIGURES - Greatwolf's Lair

    DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS ---------- UPDATED 6/22/12
    DC Super Heroes - Greatwolf's Lair

    ****WANTS:**** loose is fine

    Let me know what you have. Old or new.
    Non Hasbro "Transformers". (ToyWorld, etc)
    Fall Of Cybertron
    -Sdcc Bruticus
    -Cassets (Decepticons only)
    -Optimus Prime w Trailer and Spike (preferably TRU)
    Transformers Generations Legends
    -Optimus Prime
    Others?...again...let me know what you have. New or old.

    King He-Man
    Draego Man
    Mosquitor Necca staction
    Fighting Foe Men (low priority)
    TRU Merman (low priority)
    TRU Zodac
    TRU Stratos
    Star Sisters (very low priority)
    Mo-Larr (low priority)
    Neca 200X Leech (willing to buy loose)
    I might consider other MOTUC figures if the deal is right
    MOTU PARTS & ACCESSORIES - I would consider the whole figures as well if need be
    female heads (various)
    He-ro head
    She-ra heads
    armor (battle armor or palace guard armor)
    Capt. GLen BUCK
    gold He-Ro boots
    Tallstar head
    Fisto head, 200X belt
    Prince Adam vest
    Alcala Skeletor head
    Demo Man's armor
    Faker head
    King Hsss BUCK
    Snake Men parts or accessories
    Vikor BUCK, cape, belt, head
    Dekker's heads (young or old)
    Skeletor's Havoc Staff
    draego man buck (or arms and legs, or wings)
    Possibly other items
    MOTU Commemorative Collection figures (MOC only)

    Bella Twins
    Rey Mysterio E13 or E15
    Sin Cara Elite 15
    Steve Austin (newest TRU version preferred, but will consider other)
    CM Punk - Elite 16 (very low priority)

    Star Wars
    Ewoks - New or old - Let me know what you have!
    "Vintage" Carded (NOT actual VINTAGE...they are newer figures on "vintage" style cards
    -Starkiller VC
    -Obi-Wan Clone Wars VC
    -Anakin Clone Wars VC
    -Shae Vizla VC
    -Aalya Secura VC
    -Bastila Shan VC
    -Jedi Luke (regular or bluray) VC
    -MAYBE other "Vintage" Carded figures (MOC preferred) (these are NEW figures currently in stores but on "vintage style cardbacks")
    POP Star Wars (bobble heads)
    Ewok 5 Pack (TRU Exclusive)
    Warok (Ewok from Battle For Endor Battle Pack 3-pack)
    12" Anakin (Hasbro) (Episode 1 Young Ankin so actually he's like 6")
    Wampa (newest version)
    Rancor (vintage or newest version (Jabba's or Jungle)
    Slave-1 (Jango's Version, Or Rise Of Boba Fett set)
    Slave-1 (Galactic Heroes)
    Sideshow - Obi-Wan (Ep 3),
    - Anakin (Ep3),
    - Luke (Bespin or Jedi)
    Star Wars Movies (Blu-ray)
    Lightsabers - (my kids are looking for two kinds in particular... the ones that clip on and the blade go all the way inside hilt (Kenobi, Skywalker or Darth Maul); & the new ones with light up blades that dont fold up at all) but any might do.
    Boba Fett Helmet (toy version. even if it doesnt work, again this is for my kids)
    Star Wars RISK
    Star Wars Board Games
    MORE STAR WARS ITEMS I AM LOOKING FOR: Star Wars - General Hawk's Roll Call

    Black Widow (Marvel Legends - Black) - Willing to BUY! PM me price
    12" Black Widow (Sideshow) - Willing to buy. PM me price.
    12" War Machine (sideshow) (Low priority)
    POP Marvel - IronMan #11 (bobble head)
    POP Marvel (Other bobble heads from this line possibly)
    Marvel Select Thing
    Hulk (from 2008 "Incredible Hulk Movie" Line - Pref Walmart 2-pack version or very similar)
    -- Preferably the one from this set - http://hulkcollection.files.wordpres...tuff-6-150.jpg
    -- Or this one -
    Low Priority:
    4" Ultimate WWII Captain America (4" Marvel figurse are low priority)
    4" Avengers Captain America (unmasked version)
    4" Avengers Captain America (First Avenger movie)
    4" Avengers Thor (battle axe)
    Marvel Universe Thor (Ages Of Thunder)

    12" / 1:6 Scale Figures (Sideshow, Hot Toys, Triad)
    Assassin's Creed Ezio
    GI Joe
    ---Lt. Falcon
    Star wars
    ---Luke Skywalker (Sideshow - Bespin or Jedi)
    ---Obi-Wan (Sideshow Ep III)
    ---Anakin (Sideshow Ep III)
    Batman (Sideshow/HotToys)
    Black Widow (SS/HT)
    Dakota (Triad)
    Iris (Triad)
    Jade SDCC (Triad)
    Jade (Triad)
    Possibly Other..LMK what you have
    Chopper head (BBI)
    Female sci-fi or fantasy clothing and accessories

    Harry Potter
    Lord Of The Rings
    GI Joe (Kre-O)
    (Possibly other)

    MISC. Figures & Toys
    The Lone Ranger Toys! (- Specifically Gabriel Toys, SILVER. But let me know what you have)
    Power Rangers POP (bobble heads)
    Lego's, Mega-Blocks, Kre-O
    Lego mini-figs
    Kre O Transformers (Kre Ons/minifigures)
    Green Lantern (DC Direct 52)
    Batman Armored - Arkham Asylum (PLAY ARTS KAI Collectible Figure)
    Arkham Batman (from Batman Catwoman Two pack, Non variant version)
    DC Direct Wonder Woman Pink Lantern (and Black)
    POP DC (bobble heads - except for Green Lantern, got him aleady)
    GI Joes - (newest versions) Hawk & Sci-Fi, Roadblock, GI Joe Colton
    Blazing Sword Voltron (low priority)
    Doctor Who (mini figures)
    Doctor Who Tardis
    Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver
    Lego Mini-fig Indiana Jones
    Throbbits (from Blackstar)

    I am looking for an assmebled (and preferably painted) army for both WH40K & Fantasy
    -- Space Marines (Ultramarines or Space Wolves or Black Tempar)
    -- Eldar
    -- High Elves
    -- Dwarfs

    Kinect Sensor & games
    Assassins Creed III (Xbox 360)
    WWE 12 or 13 ( for Xbox 360) (low priority)
    Force Unleashed II xbox 360 (not a priority but if deal is good)

    Magic The Gathering Cards (espeically Commander Decks; Specifically - Heavenly Inferno)
    Cool board games (especially any with minatures)
    Mutant Chronicles
    Risk 2210
    Risk Lord Of the Rings
    Transformers Armada Battle For Cybertron
    Warhammer Quest
    Space Hulk

    Costume props
    Sonic Screwdriver
    bracers / grieves /vambraces (sci-fi or medieval)
    shoulder pauldrons (non-star wars) shoulder armor
    blaster & holster (preferable DL-44)
    lightsabers (not Hasbro) (can be custom made!)
    leather boots (not false leather)
    SG-1 or SGA Costume
    Captain America Shield (movie style)
    Chest armor (sci-fi or medieval)
    Assassin's Creed jacket (blue & white)
    Power Ranges (Red or White) parts
    Stormtrooper left calf armor
    BLASTECH T-21 or BLASTECH DLT-19 repeating blasters
    Got something else you think I might like? LMK

    MISC. Stuff
    Warhammer army - must at least be fully assembled. (Preferred - High Elves or Dwarfs)
    Warhammer 40K army - (Preferred - Eldar, Space Marines, Imperial Guard)
    Lord Of The Rings Extended Ed Blu-Ray
    Military Gear
    Survival Gear
    Airsoft Gear (low priority)

    Don't hesitate to offer other trade offers. You never know!
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