And I very intentionally use the word film as opposed to movie. I don't want to go into any details, and I highly suggest that you ignore the Netflix description. Not that it really spoils anything, but going in blind would be a much better experience in my opinion. If you don't have Netflix, then it's well worth tracking down by other means.

I haven't had a movie or film leave such a lasting impression on me, and cause me to think about it long after viewing in possibly forever. It's also one of those experiences that would be great to re-watch, in order to reinterpret the dialog and situations after having seen the end. Not that there's a big twist per' say, but knowing the end definitely makes you see specific parts differently.

I loved this movie. But don't let my zeal lead to the dreaded hype kill. Just relax, don't expect to be thrilled to death, just get ready for a great film with depth, layers, and realistic characters and situations, that will linger in your mind, in a good way.

Enjoy, my friends.