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Thread: Disney announces Rebels a new Star Wars Animated series

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    Disney announces Rebels a new Star Wars Animated series

    Just months after Lucasfilm announced the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Disney has put the new animated series Star Wars Rebels into production. The new franchise will premiere with a one-hour Disney Channel special in fall 2014, followed by a series on Disney XD.
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    Dave Filoni is involved, so hopefully it'll have the same feel and tone that Clone Wars did. I just hope that keep some of the mature themes intact and don't shy away from the fact that this is a dark time in the Star Wars timeline.

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    kinda had a feeling something like that was going to happen. Why keep a cartoon series on CN when Disney can put one on XD

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    SOOOOOOOOOO excited about this!!! I have always said that exactly this series has to happen after CW ends, and it is a Dream Come True, in true Disney fashion. Having Dave involved again has me all atitter with awesomeness-induced glee!

    Now, if only we can get a few things into this series, we may actually have to plan my funeral, as I will DIE of Geek-gasmic Overload:

    -plenty of Bail Organa and even some young Princess Leia
    -lots of Tarkin being nasty
    -tie up the loose Darth Maul ends (unless that happens in the CW "Bonus Content" we're being promised)
    -Jar Jar. Yes, seriously. Give him some important things to do, in his inimicable style. Not a lot, but an episode or two.
    -Droids. R2 should of course be centerstage often, aiding in missions for Organa and Captain Antilles, and maybe Leia at times as well
    -Rex. If he survives the "Bonus Content," he should show up, but is he a traitor to the Empire and his Clone brethren, or does he now serve Vader? Speaking of...
    -Vader. This is a chance to show him hunting down Jedi. Struggling with his new role. Being the dastardly villain we all love! Used sparingly, I think. Searching for an apprentice? Which leads me to...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    -Jar Jar. Yes, seriously. Give him some important things to do, in his inimicable style. Not a lot, but an episode or two.
    I... like this idea. I'm no Jar Jar fan, but he must be doing something during this time.

    I just want to see Ahsoka vs Darth Vader, as long as Vader can't bring himself to kill her and lets her go.

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    Yes, Ashoka now surviving the Clone Wars well hopefully she will be added to this series, and help the Rebels
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    Hmm. Interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing this. I hope it doesnt look like the clone wars cause I hated those designs.
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    Hopefully, unlike Clone Wars, this series will be good and actually focus on the rebels instead of the Jedi. It was very annoying having a series called Clone Wars that focused solely on 3 Jedi. So does this mean CW is ending? It has to end with Grievous capturing Palpatine though.
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    Well, that was a pretty fast turnaround. I liked all the movies and the Clone Wars, so I'm sure I'll check it out. Hopefully, it is as good as Clone Wars and not too kiddie. I wouldn't want Ahsoka as a main character, but I'd like seeing her make a few appearances.

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    I mixed feelings about this one and will wait till I see some previews, maybe actual episodes, before I will get interested.

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