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Thread: Variant Comic Book Covers

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    Variant Comic Book Covers

    Hey everyone just asking everyone's opinion on variants? I do pick up a few every now and then but it can get pretty expensive like with Star Wars I heard they made 75 variant covers I admit I got about 12 and DC has been doing theme months like this months theme is movie posters.

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    I thought gimmick covers died at the end of the Dark Age of comics for the most part. I think once in a great while they can be fun. But once
    every issue has 5, and some are more rare than others, AND you have multiple print runs of each, it just gets too nuts.
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    I liked those covers that were all shiny and such, made of plastic. "Chromium" I think they were called, but it was a gimmick that hurt the comic industry quite a bit overall, during the 90s when everyone hoarded everything and we ended up with piles of comic books and toys that are now worthless. Although the "Killing Joke" Megatron cover did prove that IDW can produce at least one thing I actually like.

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    Never cared to own multiple copies of any comics, or to pay a premium for a "special" cover. If an artist I love does a variant that costs more than cover price, I'll just buy the regular issue and find a nice image of the cover online for my digital files.

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    I mainly trade wait but usually if I do pick up a single issue it'll be because of the cover, I think they missed a trick with the Star Wars ones, they really should have had 77 of them. I got a few of the recent lenticular ones DC did and I'll be getting some of the movie themed ones as well.

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