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Thread: Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Man

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    Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Man

    Usually the first thought people have are that this looks nothing like the movie version in Age of Ultron. Well it
    s not. It's based on a recent comic version from the past few years and not even the Toybiz one from the old days.

    Pretty awesome, doesn't really go with Marvel Select's scale, but great with Marvel Legends.

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    Articulated fingers or swappable hands would improve this figure immensely. The one open hand and one closed hand looks odd. The figure is also a bit too small IMO. If you pose it next to the Marvel Select Hulk it looks really off scale.It's still though a really nice figure and a nice alternative to the overpriced Toy Biz Hulkbuster or the BAF Hasbro is releasing later this year.

    DST has done a really great job over the last few years by releasing these "larger" characters that fit perfectly in with Hasbro's Marvel Legends. I'm glad DST has noticed how popular those figures have been and are still doing them. They've filled a void left by Hasbro and done it to great success.

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