I hope we get another video game market crash. It would shut down a lot of the shovelware companies, companies that bought up developers to try and gain a monopoly would suffer... I have to think the first video game crash was a good thing seeing what shape the industry was in at the time. Nintendo and Sega rose from those ashes with better consoles and games. If Atari and Coleco had been left to do as they'd been doing we'd probably have seen few advancements in home game console tech and might just now be breaching the levels of the PS1. Come on, you've seen the Atari 2600 and its era of games? Jumping from that to the NES was a huge leap.

MS entering the console market was a good thing, but both them and Sony need to leave. They both have strong anti-consumer attitudes. I haven't purchased a Sony product since they took a retailer to court and ran their business under all for the "crime" of selling import consoles. Nintendo I'd like to see stay in the software market, but a couple new companies making the hardware would be nice. The 3 now are focusing on gimmick controls, Netflix and a bunch of other useless services. It's like cell phones- the fact the things can make phone calls is practically forgotten amidst casual games, text messages, cameras and all that.