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Thread: Spirit of hordak for sale!!! :]

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    Spirit of hordak for sale!!! :]

    I have a few extra Spirit of Hordak figures for sale. I am selling them here because I need the extra $ to help with the cost of an upcoming move. I am asking $60 plus shipping to your location. The payment can only be sent via Paypal as a gift, so there is no cost involved with Paypal fees. I am willing to sell more than one to the same person if they ask. PM me w/your address, so I can calculate shipping, and then I will send you info so payment arrangements can be made. Thanks!!!

    Lowered price to $60 plus shipping to your location!!!
    Also, only have 1 left!!!
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    Good luck with the move. I just went through one myself a few weeks ago, I feel your pain.
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    Let this serve as a general warning:

    Please remember we have strict rules regarding seller harassment, if anyone cannot adhere to those rules I have no qualms about taking appropriate action.

    If you feel the items cost is too high then just do not buy, the marketplace is not for discussion or debate about the aftermarket prices or whether you all think they are fair.

    I will say this once and once only. Thanks!
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