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I understand. I've warmed up to the line quite a bit since it came out. If you see some of my posts when it was first revealed I was absolutely disgusted with the aesthetic of this line. I probably swore I'd never pay a cent for this garbage or some other hyperbole . If King Grayskull hadn't been the first figure (and was the only figure I bought up until He-Ro was revealed) they probably wouldn't have hooked me.

I remember those early times where 200X fans repeatedly clashed with Vintage fans. While I thought it was good to get the original versions, I didn't understand why we couldn't have gotten their 200X incarnations until later. It felt like quite a step back to return to vintage designs from 200X. I remember when Skeletor was revealed. I hated him.

Like Battle Brak, I've also warmed up to the Classic designs, although I would rather see improvements and innovations rather than sculpting the exact same figure all over and adding in modern articulation. Thanks to that head, Jits is now one of my favorites. I do agree about how the He-Man heads aren't consistent, but that's something that Mattel could EASILY rectify since the heads are removable.