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Thread: FS: Loose and MIB figures for sale...on the cheap!

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    FS: Loose and MIB figures for sale...on the cheap!

    Hey guys, starting to thin out my collection (mainly since I'm running out of space, lol.) Have a mixture of some MIB and some loose...MIB ones will be noted beside each figure below. All loose figures are complete (unless noted). I only ship within the U.S. and only accept Paypal via gift option. NOT looking to trade for anything as I have all I need and then some. Shipping will be estimated depending on location and what you want...PM for details. I have excellent feedback here and on a couple other forums and ebay so buy with confidence. Thanks for looking and feel free to PM me with any questions.

    Procrustus MIB - $26
    Fang Man MIB - $45
    Marlena (minus Cringer) - $25
    King Randor - $30 SOLD
    Fearless Photog (lens NOT cracked) - $15
    Draego-Man (BONUS: comes w/his weapons from Weapons Pak!) - $34
    Netossa - $18
    Star Sisters - $32
    Frosta - $18
    Karatti MIB - $20
    Fighting Foe Men 3 pack MIB - $60
    Wind Raider (loose, complete w/box) - $45
    CG Stands - $7 for 5-pack
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