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Thread: MOTU Classics Spirit of Hordak Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    MOTU Classics Spirit of Hordak Video Review by Pixel Dan

    Alright, a video featuring the troublesome Spirit of Hordak figure is live. Enjoy! And any additional questions, let me know!

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    He truly is the spirit of evil!
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    Thanks for th review Pixel Dan! I'd like to add him to my collection some day.

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    Great review as usual! He's pretty cool…I haven't managed to get him yet. But, given that he's going to pop up throughout the rest of the year on mattycollector, I'm not too stressed about it.
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    Looks cool, I'm glad you decided to do a review, even if he isn't much different from first release Hordak. I'm looking forward to mine arriving in the mail.

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    Nice review. I liked the mix and matching of SoH and standard Hordak's parts. I expect a few people will be interested in swapping some parts around with other motuc figs.

    Though personally I don't get the fuss with SoH. The availability issue seems like a PR stunt that's designed to whip up interest by strangely making it hard to get and frustrating potential customers.
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    As usual, your review has increased this figures appeal to me. I'm most excited about the cross-bow, but displaying him with my Keldor group will be quite a nice addition to a part of my display that hasn't seen an update in quite a while. Pretty excited to get him now. Great review.

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    Cool review! I'm excited for the order I placed to show up.

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    Couldn't care about the crossbow a bit. The figure is cool tho.

    Now, did I already ask you where you got your Battle Armor Skeletor shirt Dan? Either way, PM me a link?
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    The Crossbow is a decent add in, but all my crossbows are in the storage box....I don't use them, they're too big....I even made a custom one for my Dragstor custom....and I still don't display him with it.

    Now, the figure anyway, will likely remain MOSC, as I still have a Hurricane Hordak MOSC....(because of the armor), so no biggie on the Bow, I love translucent figures, and Hordak will actually be my first one. Normally I love them, but have had no need to get one until now, I like the original Hordak, much more than I thought, I bought my first one for parts for my First FIlmation Hordak custom....and I bought a second to use for my second 2.0 version, but ended up using my first Hurricane Hordak for it, with an arm from another figure as a normal arm. So, the second Hordak I bought ended up staying as a permanent part of my collection, and he looks awesome standing there....and this SOH version will look good MOSC with H. Hordak, hanging next to my Granamyr.
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    I bought the figure, though admittedly I wouldn’t consider it an essential. As much as I love Hordak and translucent toys in general, had I not been a completest I probably would have passed on this variant for the mere fact it’s the same as the original release, just in red.

    Enjoyed the review. Particularly because I have no intention of opening him. I generally prefer to keep my figures MOC, though especially so in this case due to its rarity. With that in mind, it was really cool to see the different poses you placed him in.

    As much as I like Spirit of Hordak, it’s made me want a Spirit of King Grayskull figure more and more, if only to compliment it. I know the likelihood of Mattel switching the machine back on is virtually non-existent, but it has made me consider the plausibility of obtaining a custom. Which until now, I hadn’t even thought about.

    Quote Originally Posted by darthdrew13 View Post
    Now, did I already ask you where you got your Battle Armor Skeletor shirt Dan? Either way, PM me a link?
    I second that. I love your shirts dude. Take my money.

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    In the beginning I thought he was a dumb looking figure for the money but I still wanted him to complete my collection... Now after this review, I feel he looks a lot cooler than I thought, especially after swapping his accessories and armor with the original Hordak figure.

    Thanks Dan for the nice review.
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    I wish that Spirit of Hordak glowed in the dark. We could use more glow in the dark action figures.
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    I actually find him more appealing after seeing the mix and match photos! LOL. Maybe some day...
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    As nice as Pixel Dan's review is, I'm sorry, but I just can't buy a bad joke "chase variant" figure... especially when the plastic is gummy, the ankles are loose and when the hand is not able to hold the only accessory the figure comes with !

    I don't even want to think about how much this crappy figure will be sold on the secondary market, because I know the price that will be demanded for it will be ridiculously high.

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    Even though I like this figure and think the way Mattel is marketing it is cool I would rather see them put there efferts into making some highly sought after re-issues.

    A Mini-Sub of say 6 figures (1 every other month) consisting of figures like Fisto, Scareglow, Sorceress, Tri-Klops, Teela, would be a way nice to help people out that are new to the line and those just looking for extra's of the favorites.

    Where going to need all the help we can get if we want this line to keep on going through 2014 and beyond...

    Thanks Dan for yet another Great Review!
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    Warming up to him more..I'd love to see someone outline him with white paint apps like in the mini-comic.Looks a little cheap otherwise.

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    Great review, as usual.
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    The translucent plastic looks cool but I still have no interest in a red Hordak. Variants are very rarely appealing to me. Never seen the big deal with his crossbow either but then I've never cared much for the Horde crossbows even in the vintage line.
    I wonder if Spector had been released in this way if he would have been more in demand?

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    GREAT review and GREAT looking figure!
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    Great review Dan. My figure came in on Tuesday and I have to say I love the way it looks on my shelf with my other variants. Every time I get a new figure I play a game with my wife to see if she can guess which one is new. It usually takes her about the 5th or 6th try, except this month. She immediately pointed out Hordak saying it just jumps out at you. As far as people complaining about his gumminess(?) they need to keep in mind he is more of a display piece and his crossbow isn't meant to be held by him, it's meant to be held by your first release Hordak. The joints on mine aren't tight but they aren't really loose either. He stands and holds his position just fine.
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    I think it is cool for what it is but I don't intend to chase him down any time soon. I like some of the mix and match opportunities. His armour would look really good with Lazer-Lot.
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    |I wonder if Icer will be made from the same type of plastic?

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    Any chance somebody can post a pic of Horde Prime with SOH's head?

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    Looks great. Cool figure.
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