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    MOTUC For Sale


    Hi everyone:

    All figures are mint on card. I have examined the packaging thoroughly and made any significant notes, however if you are concerned about the condition of the packaging please check with me first. I would prefer not to have to take any returns over creases, scratches, dents, etc. I've had to go through way too much of that in online auctions; I am located in Massachusetts and though I have no feedback in this marketplace I am 997 positive 0 negative as 'ensignseska' on ebay. I will only ship within the US, also due to past issues. Sorry to my MOTUC friends overseas. I have an active paypal account. I am not trying to make any money on these, just trying to get back what I paid or in some cases, less. All are 1st issues, shipping costs are extra but I am reasonable especially with multiple purchases / combined shipping. Please send me private messages if interested:

    Battle Armor Skeletor $24
    Battleground Teela $24
    Beastman no plastic hook on back $15 SOLD
    Bubble Power She-Ra $24
    Capt Glenn $24 SOLD
    Chief Carnivus $20
    Clawful $24 SOLD
    Count Marzo $18 Pending sale
    Draego-Man $24 SOLD
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor $20
    Evil-Lyn $24 SOLD
    Faceless One $24
    Faker $24 pending sale
    Fangman $24 SOLD
    Fisto $60 SOLD
    He-Man $40
    Jitsu $24 Pending Sale
    Keldor $24
    King He-Man w/map $40 SOLD
    Man-At-Arms corners bent on cardboard $18 SOLD
    Man-E-Faces $24 SOLD
    Meckaneck $24 SOLD
    Mer-Man cardboard creases and corners bent $10 SOLD
    Molarr-Skeletor 2 pack $20 pending sale
    Orko not color changing, regular version card is creased $24 SOLD
    Preternia Disguise He-Man with map $30 SOLD
    Queen Marlena $24 SOLD
    Ram-Man $35 SOLD
    Scareglow $24 SOLD
    Skeletor $24 SOLD
    Slush Head $20
    Snake Man-At-Arms $24
    Snout Spout $20
    Spikor $24 pending sale
    Star Sisters $20 PENDING SALE
    Stinkor $24 PENDING SALE
    Stratos $24 PENDING SALE
    Sy-Clone $24
    Teela $30 SOLD
    Tytus $20 pending sale
    Vikor $24 Pending Sale
    Webstor $24 SOLD
    Whiplash $24 SOLD
    Zodac $24 SOLD
    BattleCat $15 SOLD
    Panthor $15 SOLD
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