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Thread: How is this shipping possible???

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    How is this shipping possible???

    I ordered 2 mini masters and 2 sets of Rokkon and Stonedar this morning and the DHL popped up and as i was in a frantic mood as im a completist and have subs so i dont use Matty all that often so i didnt realise until after i processed the sale that the cheaper version of shipping pops up.

    So how is it possible that DHL express is $67 and international post (slow shipping) is $78, wouldnt you think that the slower shipping which is not trackable would be cheaper. Ive emailed Matty to hopefully have the shipping method changed but of course am yet to hear anything.

    I know im ranting but its just frustrating that there isnt a cheaper shipping option and with the Aussie dollar dropping alot in the past few months these figures are alot more expensive like $278 for my purchase this morning, im sort of hoping now the sub wont go through as i have 2 subs and would atleast get Two-bad, troppers and modulock anyway. It kills me to say that too but man its getting expensive.

    Id like to know how much other international fans had to pay this morning for shipping
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    Once a package gets to a certain size it is cheaper with dhl. I paid $30 for the cheap shipping for one set of rocks. That's just how it is now.

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    DHL for the one set I bought was 38, so I decided to spend 8 bucks more to get trackable express shipping for a change.
    When you order more than 3 figures always check the price for DHL. That's why I subbed with the quarterly option. DHL shipping for the bulk is cheaper than international post in single shipments.

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