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Thread: Xbox Live Hacked

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    Xbox Live Hacked

    Seems like Xbox live is down because it has been hacked and the details of 47 million players have been released

    Ppl are recommending you immediately change your password, problem is you can't unless signed in to xbox live

    It also seems that all Micosoft websites are down at the moment. I really hope this isn't going to be another repeat of what happened with the PS3 when it was off for several months due to a major hack because that will really suck.


    reports apparently now say it is a false alarm but if so why is Xbox Live down for a lot of people and why are Microsoft websites not working?
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    Alright, nobody signs out of this forum until we identify the perpetrator. We don't have a butler, so that's out
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    And this is why I use a different password for online game systems as well as using prepaid cards for services instead of my CC
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    strangely enough, looking on different sites and reading posts it seems to be a UK thing. Hopefully it wills top here and be fixed soon...or better yet, as I believe everyone should share in my will spread to the states and elsewhere

    and now it seems only to be affecting us in the UK using Virgin Media.

    So moments after some guy has admitted to hacking Xbox live everyone in the UK who gets their internet via Virgin Media is now without Xbox live... weird


    Oh and now it is back on.

    Hmm I still say everyone should change their passwords while they have the chance because you just never know

    - - - Updated - - -

    ok here is another edit

    It is down again


    and now back up
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