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Thread: Battle Beasts Needs

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    Battle Beasts Needs

    Need the following figures in NEAR MINT to MINT condition (just the figure, don't need the weapon):

    Armored Armadillo

    Hare-Razing Rabbit

    Triple Threat Snake


    BlitzKreig Bat

    Harrier Hawk

    Colonel Eagle

    Shocking Shark

    Pirate Lion


    Killer Croc

    King Cobra

    Wolfgang Walrus (both versions)

    Need the following weapons (just the weapon, no figure):

    Squire Squirrel

    Jaded Jag

    Miner Mole

    War weasel

    Sire Horse

    Ferocious Tiger

    Gargantuan Gorilla

    Hardtop Tortoise

    I've really got nothing trade. But am willing to pay reasonable prices. Let me know if you can help me out.


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