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Thread: Army Building-does anyone have an army of a certain character?

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    Army Building-does anyone have an army of a certain character?

    I saw some pictures on the internet of fans who collect a certain character for army building.

    Are there some .orglers who also collect many figures of a character? I'm planning of army build Roboto and Sy-Klone, because they were my favorite heroics...

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    I love Rio Blast and have 4 of him - one AFA70, one MOC (C8 card), one loose complete with all parts and comic, one loose with all parts but no comic.

    I am always looking for Rio on non-English cards as well and he is the only figure I'll do that for.

    I also recently commissioned a custom MOC MOTUC figure and I got to write the bio so of course I included Rio Blast in it.

    I collect MOTUC MOC but I may buy two of Rio when he comes out to open one.

    I sold all my 200X stuff long ago since I cant stand it but I might pick up the Rio Blast station someday...
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    hmm, well if you get a bunch of Man-At-Arms' and draw a mustache on one of them, the rest of them can be generic Eternian soldiers.

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