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Thread: Wundar needs a Helmet!

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    Wundar needs a Helmet!

    Wondering if anyone has thought to customize a helmet for Wundar!

    Needs to have an open mouth like Wundar! Not just a Zodac repaint.


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    well, don't know if this answer exactly your question,
    but you could purchase one of tin/kevin kosse's empty helmet and adapt to it
    the lower part of an extra he-man's head, then repaint the whole thing to match
    the colors.

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    i did once...

    action features for action figures!

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    Try a helmet from the mavel legends end of the world hulk maiestro not sure if I spelled that right but I put his hellmet on a lot of figs before I sold him in a lot on Ebay. if remember correctly it fits very well on He man vintage figs. and did I mention its just an awesome helmet.

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