View Poll Results: Would you be interested in MOTUC after 2015 if it had what's suggested in the OP?

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  • YES! I would subscribe to a line like those.

    44 39.64%
  • I would subscribe to MOTUC until it ends.

    60 54.05%
  • I'd prefer different options for future lines.

    21 18.92%
  • NO! MOTUC should end after 2015.

    9 8.11%
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Thread: Is There Life After 2015?

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    I am in it until the end.

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jul 2012
    I'm in to the end.

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    In 'til the end.

    ...And Huntara needs to happen early '14.

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    Absolutely! Same scale? Same 4H quality? Same price range? I'd keep buying as many as they crank out, no question.

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    I'd like to see the line continue into 2016 and beyond, but in order to do so they will need to bring in SOME new customers.

    To that end, I see 2016 and forward as being 1/3 obscure characters which they haven't gotten around to yet (Like Allen the Chef.) 1/3 2.0 versions of core characters which haven't been made in a long time. Not simply re-releases, but improvments (Teela, Fisto, Beast-Man, etc.), and then 1/3 BRAND NEW characters and ideas, just like we used to get in the vintage line. Look at what the 4H can do on their own. Look at their Kickstarter. Let's make a new faction or two and move the story FORWARD!

    So, I see 2016 as being something like this:

    Jan: Beast-Man 2.0
    Feb: The King of the Oranges
    March: Chef Allen
    April: Teela 2.0
    May: The Orange Warrior
    June: Lord Masque
    July: Fisto 2.0
    Aug: Orange-Eater
    Sept: Someone I've never heard of from POP
    Oct: Whiplash 2.0
    Nov: OrangeYouGlad-Man
    Dec: A NA character I've never heard of
    Christmas: The Fright Zone.

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