I have a MOC King Randor with crystal clear bubble and awesome card (bright colors, minimal rounding, and a sticker from the store). Looking to trade for a few lesser MOTUC figures still MOC so my son has items to open. Putting the price at $170 so looking for trade of similar value with multiple figures.

Looking for (some are big lots items so putting their value at $16 since people spent $10 + travel)

Leech, Sy-Klone, Snout Spout, King Grayskull, Buzz Off, Clawful, Shawdow Beast, Thunder Punch He-Man, Vykron, Whiplash, Hordak, Kobra Khan, Battle Armor He-Man, Draego-Man, Gygor, Mekaneck, Rattlor, Tytus,

If you hit up a bunch of big lots and have some figures plus something let me know.

Pm me for pictures, the ones I have on my phone are too big for the site here. I am only open to trading for MOTUC listed above and must be MOC so my son can open them and enjoy that feeling of opening a figure that I loved as a kid.

Any questions I am happy to answer.