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Thread: Creating the universe through story

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    Creating the universe through story

    I would like to start a new thread. Each post being a back story, bio, or creation of the writer. All I ask is to let your creative storytelling flow as you type. We all have ideals on our favorite characters and I ask you to share those thoughts here. I also ask that this remain a thread of stories and not a place to complain or criticize. Do that elsewhere but here should be a place of sharing our imaginations.

    Each post should begin with either a characters name or a story title so the reader can easily see what they are about to read.

    With that said, lets hear your MOTUC story. I look forward to reading them all. Hugs Samantha

    I will begin:

    There was nothing but HE.

    No light, no dark, no time, no space, no good and no evil. HE just was and HE was everything. HE came from no where and yet existed everywhere, well that is, HE was everywhere and everything if we could even understand that ideal. Yet HE felt alone, as alone as anyone could perceive that sort of feeling yet know that there was nothing to compare it too.

    With a mere thought a small, almost infinitely tiny light appeared. The light was HE and HE began to grow with-in the smallest fraction of what we now understand as time. The light of He grew so fast and so bright that it exploded through what was now the newly birthed realty. In that first moment HE gave rise to the five dimensions and all that would ever be needed in them to create all things. HE grew ever more aware and ever more alive as his creations filled all that was and will ever be. Thus was the beginning, the moment of creation.

    Out of HE and his loneliness grew the five Lords of the five dimensions, each an aspect of HE. It was those five aspects that would shape their own dimensions and give rise to Despondos as well as all the rest.

    Thus begins the story of the birth.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Once there where the five Gods.

    They where all parts of the creator HE. HE separated itself and gave form to the five so they could explore HE's reality that HE had given birth to. Each aspect of HE was given free will and the drive to learn and grow. It was also in this time of creation that HE set out a plan of things to come. In times of great conflict when the forces of HE where in the most turmoil a being would arise with the power of HE given form. This being would be able to call on the cosmic power of all creation to gain strength, wisdom and courage enough to balance the scales and restore reality. Thus HE's will would always remain.

    In their wisdom the five Gods of HE understood that in order to have meaning they must have a purpose. Performing a mystic miracle they birthed into being the five realms and from those five realms they created the five dimensions. Each God took control of one of the five dimensions and in so doing they fashioned each dimension after their own selves. In the dimension of Trolla the UNO worked to build a utopia where magic would rain supreme.

    Eons later the UNO began to believe that his work was far more superior to any realm created by the other Gods. In fact he knew his work was greater. At the conjunction of the celestial crossings when the veil that separated the dimensions was at its weakest the UNO attempted to over throw his once friends, the Gods, Using all their power where able to defeat the UNO but at a huge cost. They would all have to slumber and rest, meaning their Dimensions would go on without them. The UNO for his crimes was striped of his Godness and banished to a new 6th realm, created just for him. This new realm was a small pocket of horrors where the UNO was tormented by the visions of his nightmarish works against the other Gods. In his captivity he began to plot and plan for the day when the other Gods awoke once more and he could take them down leaving him as the last supreme.

    Time has gone on and from his captivity the UNO has gone mad. His conscientiousness shattered by the constant torment he has endured. He no longer wants to be the last and one true God. He has had enough of it all. The isolation has torn his mind asunder and in his madness he has manipulated events in the five dimensions that will led to his release. In his madness he wants to destroy all of the realms and end the works that he and his other Gods had labored to create. His ultimate goal is to end all life including the other Gods. In his madness he wants to wipe the slate clean and once done he will simply blink out of existent leaving a very dark and cold emptiness. Such is the mechanization of a mad man who was tortured and now desires to DIE.
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