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Thread: Though Heroes Fall - a Tale of He-Man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex The Kid View Post
    Great job so far sir!

    I love that you explored aspects of He-Man's character, power and limitations in Chapter 5! I commend you for delving into unknown territory and discovering what makes Adam worthy of the Power.

    A very interesting read and I'm certainly looking forward to more.

    Thank-you; I'm very glad that you are enjoying the piece - and you are absolutely spot-on, too; I have always been fascinated by the nature of the Power - its limits as well as its strengths - and by the effects that this would certainly have on the one who was entrusted with it. Equally, by what makes Adam worthy of wielding such a - potentially dangerous - force - and why, therefore the dual persona is vital to the overall dramatic tension of the Eternian mythos.

    As I see it, Adam's innate decency and innocence actually protects He-Man from the possibly corrupting effects of using a power not really meant for mortal hands. But even decency and genuine good intentions have their limits - hence the serious stress suffered by He-Man under Evil-Lyn's subtle ministrations....

    (I shall post more of the tale soon; apologies for the delay, but I have been off fulfilling a part of my Reservist commitment.)
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