View Poll Results: Teela 2.0 as a sub variant or take a regular slot from a new figure?

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  • Make Teela (2.0) a regular sub figure, and take a slot

    11 9.57%
  • Make Teela (2.0) the quarterly variant of 2014/15 so she don't take a slot

    29 25.22%
  • Make Teela (2.0) an out of sub figure, and take a slot

    8 6.96%
  • I want A Teela (2.0), but I don't want her to take a slot from a new figure

    27 23.48%
  • I don't want a Teela (2.0)

    40 34.78%
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Thread: A Teela 2.0 Poll....

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    A Teela 2.0 Poll....

    Here's a question for you guys....I know many of us have Teela, but myself, I have a defective one....and I'm not just referring to the long neck peg and bobble head deals....mine has a deformed left forearm peg hole on both sides of her forearm, and it makes the arm loose, and I can't fix it without ruining the figure, which I don't want to do. And my dumb ass only bought 1 back at the BF/CM sale of 2011....

    Anyway....this poll is to see how you guys would react to getting a Teela 2.0 over a still missing figure in the upcoming 2 years....and she'd be out of sub, or the 2014 variant.

    I do see maybe a Sorceress Teela with removable wing cape then underneath a standard Vintage looking Teela but done like BP She-Ra, or the very least a swappable outfit like Marlena, to go between Sorceress & Teela, giving everyone a second shot at Teela, but also getting a new Teela variant at the same time..... Also 2 heads, so you can have the bird head and the regular Teela head.

    I think Teela is the most demanded of the original now out of stock Classics, plus an essential character, therefore she should have a variant (2.0) version done, like now.

    What say you?

    NOTE: I am not saying just a straight revamp of the original Teela, I am saying make her a variant like Sorceress Teela, and make her kind of like Bubble Power She-Ra where she can revert back to the original Teela through part swaps, but have her Sorceress & regular head included, because unlike MAA, Teela is just too damn expensive to get the 1.0 version of, if you don't already have her....

    This way she can be the quarterly variant, she'll take a slot on the sub, but it's a slot anyway already allocated for a variant to which unless it's Filmation Hordak....then I'm perfectly OK with.
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