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Thread: Ditztroyer repaint mockup

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    Ditztroyer repaint mockup

    Money is a bit tight right now what with the filmation sub, castle grayskull and SDCC exclusives coming out so I don't know if I'll ever get around to do this but here's the plan. Ditztroyer needs to be repainted if he is to be a true horde member. I was thinking of casting his skin parts like his face, arms and legs in translucent plastic but that'll just push this custom further down the road. If anyone has any color scheme suggests please post pics.

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    EXCELLENT color scheme! Definitely updates the retro-look!
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    I like that color scheme

    I just ended up painting the orange parts black on mine. It clashes a little less than that orange did. I considered painting the hood/cloak as well, but in the end laziness won out, lol.
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    Excellent repaint choice, bizzysim3! Very dark and moody, befitting a Horde wizard.

    And on a selfish note, it's nice to know I wasn't the only one who thought the orange parts just didn't come out right on the figure.


    Shoot, you asked for photos, didn't you. This is what I did with mine:

    I thought about painting the loincloth the same color as the cloak, but I decided it would create a weird void where his crotch would seem to disappear. So I painted it very dark brown instead.
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    Very nice. Love the colors.

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    I dont mind the original because of the nostalgia, but thats a really cool variant for a Horde wizard
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