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Thread: Ok, what celebrities on film and TV you dug when you were a kid?

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    Ok, what celebrities on film and TV you dug when you were a kid?

    I dug these chicks when i was a kid:
    Lea Thompson.
    Michelle Pfiefer.
    Sofie Ward in Return to Oz. (She played Mombi's first head and was also in Young Sherlock Holmes)
    Daryl Hannah.
    Sean Young in Blade Runner.
    Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth, Creepers aka Phenomena, Career Opportunities and Rocketeer.
    Deedee Pfeifer in Vamp. (Who knew Michelle had a hot relative in this movie)
    Christina Applegate in Married with Children.
    Matilda May in Lifeforce.
    Kirsty Swanson.
    Elizabeth Shue.
    Brooke shields.
    Phoebe Cates.
    Carrie Fisher in the SW trilogy.
    Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters. (What legs she had)
    Barbara Crampton in Re-animator and From Beyond. (I saw FB in theaters as a kid and noticed her as i thought she was beyond sexy, :).
    Kathleen Turner.
    Kelly Preston.
    Kelly McGillis in Top Gun.
    Christie Brinkley in Vacation,
    Patrica Arquette in Nightmare on Elm Street 3.
    Karen Mistal in Return of the Killer Tomatoes.
    Roxanne Kernohan in Critters 2 and Not of this Earth. (I still remembered when i was 6 seeing Critters 2 on the big screen seeing a faceless alien in need of a body/face becoming her, i fell in love with her)
    Tiffany Ambette Thiesen.
    Tanya Roberts in Sheena.
    Julie Brown.
    Lynda Carter. (I watched reruns of the wonder Woman show in the late 80s as a kid)
    Tuesday Night on Nightmare on Elm Street 4.
    Kim Basinger.
    Heather Lockleare in Return of Swamp Thing and other stuff.
    Judith Hoag in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (She was a perfect April O'Neil and she was a fox in this movie! what legs she had and i was blushing when i saw her as i knew April O'Neil in live action would look as good as her animated counterpart)
    Madonna in D ick Tracy. (She never looked hotter than in this movie as Breathless Mahoney and i remembered blushing when i saw her when i saw the film on the big screen as she even looked fine in that black see-through dress in that scene, remember that? )
    Sharon Stone in Total Recall. (My god she looked fine in this movie and later when i was in junior high i rented Basic Instinct)
    Pamela Anderson and Brande Roderick on Baywatch.
    Gillian Anderson on X-Files.
    Amy Jo Johnson as Kim on Power Rangers. (I was 12 when the show first aired and i thought she was drop dead gorgeous!)
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