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Thread: Jon Chu Has Chosen GI: JOE 3 Over MOTU

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.D. View Post
    Why does everybody afraid to make MOTU - the people who at least know how to make movies. We will never get Jackson, Del Torro and those guys, but even little dudes afraid to do it. **** him i have disliked his FB page
    I'm thinking it's less fear and more that he's worked with GI Joe before and wants to do it again. Either that or Hasbro/Paramount offered his a whole lot more money than Mattel/Sony did.

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    Feedback thread

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    After his G.I. Joe: Retaliation was delayed for almost a whole year, director Jon M. Chu seemed like he might be in a tough spot. But, of course, he pulled it off and Retaliation is now considered a success. So much so that Chu is making a third Joe film, not to mention a Masters of the Universe reboot.
    Check out our G.I. Joe: A Visual History infographic!
    With G.I. Joe: Retaliation hitting Blu-ray next week, Chu has been doing the interview rounds. He spoke to Coming Soon about his upcoming plans and which project is likely to happen first.
    "I think that what helps us is knowing what we do in Joe and knowing that Masters has to be very different and has to feel very different, but the script for Masters of the Universe is what really hooked me," he says. "I love Masters of the Universe, but I didn't know necessarily how to make it into a movie until I read the script and thought, 'Oh my gosh, I totally see it. I get how this is going to shake it up, I get how this is different from any other thing,' and it got me really, really excited. We're still working on that one and Joe has momentum right now. The audience has been great and they want another one, so we're rushing to get that done and Dwayne [Johnson] has a certain time period so it may end up that Joe goes first in all those things and I don't know if Masters of the Universe will wait for me or where that's going to end up. But right now it's been great. We've been designing a ton of stuff for Masters of the Universe as a really beautiful, grounded, honest world -- that's the best way I can describe it. It's everything you want Masters of the Universe to be in terms of the fantasy but not in a way theatrical crazy way. It is actually a gorgeous world that we're doing in the initial visual concepts that we've been making."
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    'Oh my gosh..

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    I think G.I. Joe can wait...
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    If Sony wants this film made there is no way they are going to wait for Jon Chu to direct another large-scale tentpole. I suspect Mr. Chu knows that, he’s just being professional. I can see one of two things happening: either Sony will replace him or MOTU will die yet again. I think they’ll (hopefully) replace him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krueger View Post
    If Sony wants this film made there is no way they are going to wait for Jon Chu to direct another large-scale tentpole. I suspect Mr. Chu knows that, he’s just being professional. I can see one of two things happening: either Sony will replace him or MOTU will die yet again. I think they’ll (hopefully) replace him.
    I agree. Those are the only two options really. The one thing that no one can deny is that these movies based on beloved actions figures are grossing tremendous revenue. Sony has to be aware that MOTU will be up there along with the other past successful movies such as Transformers and GI Joe.

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    I also think brand loyalty will have had at least one airing behind closed doors, if the "higher ups" are as we are led to believe they are. Imagine it "The Hasbro guy doing a Mattel movie?! Not on my watch!"
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    This is no news for me, nothing concrete on the horizon yet

    if they want to change the director, just do it soon for a better one ! ,

    anyway I'm still confident in Sony, they dont have many summer blockbusters (not counting spider man' franchise and the smurfs) so a MOTU trilogy its one of their biggest opportunities to compete with other studios like paramount or WB
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    The smart money is on Joe at this time.

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    Interview at says he's doing both movies.

    YJ: So we know you’ve been tapped to helm G.I. Joe 3 as well as Masters of the Universe. Any idea which of the two films is first up to the plate? Are we going to have to suffer through a guy in furry shorts in theaters before we see more Roadblock and Snake Eyes?!

    JMC: As of right now, Joe 3 seems to be the most ready to go and activated. We're getting it together right now and the studio is motivated to make it since the reaction was so great for Retaliation. I am still super passionate about Masters and we've done a ton of work on design and story but we're waiting on the studio to see when they'll be ready to actually pull the trigger fully on it.

    read the whole thing here -
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