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Thread: Rio Blast Flash Fic

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    Rio Blast Flash Fic

    Okay, so I took one look at Rio today while watching Pixel Dan's review vid and instantly thought of Wyatt Earp. That got me to thinking: What would MOTU be like if it were adapted to the movie Tombstone. Here's a couple scenes from the movie, adapted to our favorite toy line.

    The transport depot was sparsely populated as Vultak and the Horde Trooper stood talking, casually eyeing the man and two women about to board the train. It was a quiet day on the outskirts of Eternos, one of the few quiet days since the Masters had been forced to turn renegade.

    “That’s Man-At-Arms with the women,” the Trooper said.

    “He’s Mine,” Vultak told him with an eager gleam in his red eyes. The two Horde members turned and headed toward the unsuspecting trio, weapons in hand.

    “Hey, where’s Rio?!” the Trooper called out.

    “Right behind you, Trooper!”

    Vultak and the Trooper turned instantly at the voice, and Rio Blast opened fire, the gun in his chest taking down the Horde Trooper before the armored figure could even think to react. Vultak immediately hit the ground, whimpering as Rio, Mosquitor, Man-E-Faces and several others slowly approached.

    Rio looked down at the cowering wretch and brought the tip of his boot to Vultak’s chin. “All right, Vultak,” he said ominously, “you called down the thunder, well now you’ve got it!” He pointed at the new badge on his chest as he glared. “You see that?” he boomed. “It says Masters of the Universe!”

    Vultak quivered on the ground, looking up at Rio Blast in terror. “Rio, please, I...”

    Rio Blast cut him off with the spur of his boot, then nodded at the dead Trooper. “Take a good look at him, Vultak...‘cause that’s how you’re gonna end up!” He pushed Vultak down. “The Horde’s finished, you understand? I see a red bat, I kill the man wearin’ it!” He hauled Vultak up, still glaring, and the winged being ran for his life.

    “So run, you cur...RUN!” Rio stood tall, watching as Vultak fled. “Tell all the other curs the law’s comin’!” He began to shout now, his face red with rage. “You tell’em I’m coming...and hell’s coming with me, you hear?....Hell’s coming with me!


    Buzz-Off landed in the woods after taking another quick tour of the area. Around him, several of the Masters rested and bandaged their wounds or worked on equipment. Buzz off walked over to Stratos, shaking his head. “You ever ssseeen anything like that before?” he asked his compatriot in his buzzing voice.

    Stratos looked up at him through his dark lenses. “Hell, I ain’t ever even heard of anything like that,” he said in his thick brogue.” The grey-clad warrior shook his head in wonder.

    Mosquitor walked over a moment later. “Where is he?” he asked softly. His gaze went over to Man-E-Faces, who lay with his head agains t a Sky Sled.

    Man-E-Face’s white eyes crinkled and his brown lips curled upward in a sardonic smile. “Down by the creek, walking on water.” He coughed and wiped his mouth..

    Mosquitor shook his head, hands on his hips. “Well, let’s hope he’s got another miracle up his sleeve, ‘cause if I know Colonel Blast, he’s headed straight for us.” He paused. “If they were my brothers I’d want revenge too.”

    Man-E-Faces shook his head, his visage changing to his robot form. “No, make no mistake,” he told Mosquitor mechanically. “It’s not revenge he’s after; it’s a reckoning.” He coughed again and stood up.

    Stratos looked at him, almost in pity. “Man-E, you ought to be in bed. What the hell you doin’ this for anyway?”

    Man-E-looked at him, robot eyes boring into Stratos. “Rio is my friend,” he replied.

    “Hell, I got lots of friends,” Stratos told him.

    Man-E-Face’s visage changed again, this time to the green-faced monster. “I don’t,” he said softly.
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