Here's "Part 4" of the Multi-Part MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: "ORIGINS" Art Card Collection by Jafaristew! The project started off with the unpublished Whitman Origin characters as the basis, & before I knew it, I expanded the universe "art card idea" to include 50 (or MORE) MOTU characters from various media outlets since its inception. Next up is 2 mainstays, perhaps an early idea for Teela, & 2 1987 Movie concepts!

: Based on his concept design shown in Mattel's "The Art Of MOTU" (sold at SDCC a couple years back), & colored like the 8-Back! In this story he is more like the guardian at the gates of Monarch City, large & imposing!

Inspired by the prototype from the 80's (monster feet, Tri-Klops sword), & loosely based on the UK comic colors for his upper torso! In this story Jitsu is cursed for wearing the "dark glove," a tainted object, and it has made him filled with rage as he can no longer remove it, and he is getting more monstrous from it's unholy powers as time goes on. He carries the emerald sword, which some day Tri-Klops will best him for.

HEROINE: This character was shown as a possible early version for Teela in Tomart's guide showing MOTU concepts years ago. She was riding a unicorn (who in this tale is "Charger.") Teela looks up to Heroine as a role model, she is a traveling Paladin from Monarch who goes from city to village all over Eternia with her guard to try and help the downtrodden. When Heroine meets her fate she will pass along Charger to Teela who she views as a younger sister.

(MCQUARRIE) ROBOT: Ralph McQuarrie (of Star Wars fame) worked briefly on the 1987 MOTU Movie as a character/concept designer. One of the characters he wanted to develop was a little robot for the Heroic Warriors. Gary Goddard did not like the idea and dismissed the character to be included in the movie. As a BIG Ralph MacQuarrie fan I found this little guy interesting and saw fit to include him as a tribute to a man who has greatly inspired my art. In this fiction he is Man-At-Arms helper.

WORRUCK: Another character developed for the MOTU 1987 Movie, Worruck never got past the concept stage, but looking like a desert warrior meets an Egyptian mummy, he was just too cool & I had to include him in this series! He looks to be of an evil nature so naturally I have him working with Skeletor (the evil power of the film) as one of his alliances. Worruck rules the Wasteland with his nomads and keeps Skeletor's enemies from crossing the hostile environment!

Special thanks to my brother Brian for his feedback, Poweredconvoy for his enthusiasm, & member Danbrenus for taking on some of these concept characters (like Heroine) for previous inspiration!