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Thread: Specify your wants! POP-by-number...

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    Specify your wants! POP-by-number...

    So there have been a few polls asking about which add-on Sub you'd like to see. There has also been a lot of speculation since the reworking of the road map, going forward, was discussed, about which characters will or will not be included.

    We know that Scott has said, with respect to POP, that with the exception of a few variants, all of the vintage pop characters should be released.

    My question, based on this information, as well as the results of the aforementioned polls:

    How do you want to see POP released?

    It's a broad question, so I'll set some parameters and give some guidelines:

    - Please offer positive contributions to this discussion - I, perhaps more than anyone else here, am fully aware of the Orgers who don't care for POP. I ask you, as a friend, as a long-time Orger, to refrain from negativity.

    - For this thread, let's confine our choices of figures to not-yet-released characters (let's leave the variants alone for now)

    - Let us also keep in mind that we should likely be talking about POP figures designed akin to to the few already released (based on the cartoon, with vintage vintage toy details to boost the design)

    - Do you want to see POP characters limited to the main Club Eternia Subscription?

    - Do you want an add-on POP subscription? If so, would you also like to see POP characters concurrently in the main sub?

    - If an add-on POP sub is offered, and you want that add-on Sub, would you want it limited to vintage toy characters, cartoon characters, or a combination? This does not mean vintage toy hair and clothes vs cartoon design. It means Glimmer, Mermista, Perfuma, etc (vintage toy characters) and Scorpia, Madame Razz, Vultak, Huntara, Granita, etc. (cartoon characters)

    - Would you rather see POP characters offered via single and/or 2-pack release in the main sub?

    - For any of these options, suggest the characters you'd like to see in 2014. Offer ideas about how 2-packs could be populated, or how an add-on Sub could be designed.

    I look forward to a proactive and respectful conversation.
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    I think they should keep some of the big names (Glimmer, Angella, Kowl, Lookee Mermista, Entrapta mainly) for the main sub. (Madame Razz and Scorpia should also be kept in the main sub). And some of these characters should be revealed at SDCC to help sell the subs.

    I wouldn't mind if secondary POP characters are released in a POP add on sub of say 4/6 characters. But honestly, I'd much prefer another Filmation sub of 6/8 characters in 2014 with about half of the figures based on characters from the POP cartoon (eg Huntara, Micah, Vultak, Granita, Sundars, Hunga...).

    Some multipacks could also make sense: a Brightmoon 3 pack (Glimmer, Angella, Micah), a Twiggets 3 pack or a small friends 2 pack (Lookee/Kowl).

    The more POP, the better!
    I'm really hoping for some big reveals at SDCC...
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    Heroic: King Miro / Prince Dakon
    Evil: Skeleteen
    POP: King Micah / Twiggets 3 pack
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    Rock People: Granita
    NA: Sebrian / Sagitar

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    There are a lot of questions.

    Ideally, I would like to see a:

    - PoP mini-subscription (or even a full twelve month subscription, although that appears unlikely); OR
    - multiple two-packs (or even a mini-subscription which consists of four two-packs),

    in addition to PoP characters continuing to be released in the main subscription.

    I think the "A-Listers" should be held for the main subscription, for example, Glimmer, Queen Angella, Mermista and Scorpia, because the main subscription forms the foundation for MOTUC.

    In terms of the PoP mini-subscription or two-packs, I would like to see a mixture of "vintage toy" characters and Filmation characters. IF there was a mini-subscription with six figures, my top choices would be:

    - Madame Razz
    - General Sunder
    - Granita
    - Entrapta
    - Double Trouble
    - Sweet Bee

    BUT, I would also be very happy to see any of the following include: Vultak, Huntara, Peekablue, Flutterina, Spinnerella and Perfuma.

    In respect of the two-packs, most of the natural pairings are either excluded because the characters would form part of the main subscription (i.e. Glimmer and Angella) or one-half of the two-pack has already been released (i.e. Netossa and Spinnerella). However, two-pack "theme" options include:

    - Hero vs. Villain (i.e. Peekablue and Entrapta, Flutterina and Vultak and Perfuma and Huntara)
    - "Defenders of Good" - Sweet Bee and Perfuma (based on the original three-pack)
    - Main Hero and Sidekick (i.e. Toy Design She-Ra and one of the supporting "hero" characters)
    - Main Villain and Sidekick (i.e. Toy Design Catra and one of the supporting "villain" characters)

    With respect to the "sidekick" characters like Kowl, Loo-Kee and Imp, I believe that they should either be included with characters which have limited accessories or that they should be released in a multi-pack.

    I would buy the "sidekick" characters if they were included in future Weapons Packs, although it would be annoying to pay so much money for what is likely to be a small, minimally articulated figure and a bunch of repainted weapons which I don't want.

    In summary, the more PoP characters which can be released the better!

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    I would gladly pay for a POP Subscription add-on... As long as we're talking core members and not obscure characters that never had any spotlight in the show or concept characters. Ideally, a POP subscription add-on should allow us to build up our core POP collection.
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    Since TG said 2014 will see more POP characters then previous years, I think they should definitely keep Glimmer, Queen Angella, Mermista and Scorpia in the main sub along with Entrapta, Sweet Bee and Flutterina. I'm still hoping we see maybe Entrapta or Scorpia this year, maybe in Oct, since it's already potentially Horde heavy with Mantenna and hopefully the two pack is Horde Troopers, giving us one more Horde member that month would make sense for why they didn't swap the Sept and Oct figures, and the Filmation sub character for Oct could be Huntara.

    As for a POP add on sub I'm all for it, and I think it should be Perfuma, Huntara if she's not part of this year's Filmation sub, Double Trouble, Spinarella, Melog, and Peekablue

    As for how to release the characters, I imagine Kowl, Imp and Lookee would be similar in size to Orko. So pack Kowl in with Glimmer, Imp with Scorpia and Lookee with Peekablue. I think if done right Madam Razz and Broom would be fine as the equivalent of a monthly figure. As for two of the four quarterly items, Mermista so they won't have to skimp on tooling for her two lower torsos (I really think the 4H are going to do an amazing job on her) and Granita so she can include all the same pieces as Rokkon and Stondar. Beast-wise I'd like to see Clawdeen more then Storm, and Mantisaur
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    I would love to see a add-on POP mini sub of 6 figures! Keep the main sub to finalise the vintage MOTU, New adventures and Filmation figures and add on an additional sub dedicated to finalising the POP line.
    Glimmer, Angella, Mermista, Flutterina, Sweet-Bee and Star Burst She-Ra for 2014 please please please!!!
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    I would like the biggest names left in the main sub and then a 6-figure mini-sub for additional POP figures.
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    Given that the goal of the main sub is now to get through as many oustanding classic characters as possible, I would much prefer to see 18 figures in the main subscription than an additional six-figure sub supporting any particular faction.

    I love the POP figures that have been done, and would really like to see all the remaining members of the Great Rebellion in plastic... but I've always viewed MOTUC as simply one cohesive toy line. I've no great preference of what is released when or in which format, as long as everything is released eventually. As the future of the line doesn't seem to be as secure as it once was, I'd prefer the flexibility that comes from a more open character selection.

    There are POP figures that defy the current format, though. Smaller scale figures such as Kowl, Broom and Madame Razz don't really fit in the monthly release pattern. The same is true of the outstanding Trollans, or the NA scientists. If I was to pick a 'faction' that needed to be marketed differently, then it would be these smaller figures. I could see a separate line of these guys, maybe combined with accessory sets, weapons packs or stands.

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    I am pretty happy with HOW the POp figures have been released, I just think that there could have been a couple more of them up to this point.

    I would be pleased to see them continue primarily in the main sub - with around 3 monthly figures per year - and inclusion in any additional Filmation mini-subs if they do keep doing them. I presume we will see Sea Hawk released in the current Filmation sub this summer.

    I do not really want the cost of an additional sub devoted to POP - and I worry that the more "mini-subs" we see like that the more customers will be leeched out of buying the main subline and it will have an adverse effect on the MOTUC line as a whole.
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    I don't care if they're single, double, separate sub, or whatever. However they can be pumped out in the next year or two will be great.
    The characters should be strictly focused to who's left in the vintage line. I see no reason why there can't be a 6 figure mini sub AND a couple of heavy releases in the main sub.
    I'd say, for the mini-sub, do some of the lesser known gals, or gals that don't have wide appeal. For example. Main sub would be Glimmer or Angella, while mini sub would be Perfuma, Peekablue, or Double Trouble.
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    Truthfully, it doesn't matter to me how they are released, just that they are released.

    I would like to see these characters released via the main sub, in single-carded releases:

    The rest of the vintage toy characters could be released either through a mini-sub or two packs. As a mini-sub of 6 figures, they could be released like this:
    Sweet Bee
    Double Trouble

    Entrapta and Peekablue could be swapped in these positions to keep the mini-sub exclusive to GR members.

    Any Filmation POP characters should be released in the main sub, another Filmation sub, or as some type of exclusive (such as a SDCC exclusive Madame Razz with Broom, Kowl, and Loo-Kee).

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    If I could wish.


    Kowl in Weapons pack 2013

    In the main Sub 2014 in order:

    3.Madam Razz & Broom

    Extra Sub 2014: Filmation & NA

    2.)Sweet Bee
    3.)Montork & Dree Elle
    5.)Hover Bots

    Weapons Pack 2014: Imp

    Main Sub 2015:


    Extra Sub for POP only 2015:

    5.Double Trouble

    Weapons Pack 2015: Loo Kee
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    How do you want to see POP released?

    - Do you want to see POP characters limited to the main Club Eternia Subscription?

    At this point for PoP, like any other "offshoot" of the main line, I would take in any manner I could. There are so many characters I want in this line, I don't care how they get to my shelf, just as long as they do.

    - Do you want an add-on POP subscription? If so, would you also like to see POP characters concurrently in the main sub?

    PoP sub would be fine, but I don't think there needs to be one based on the vintage Pop line-up alone - there should be room in the main line. If there is doubt that that might happen then yes, give me a PoP sub. Personally, I would rather get more FilMation subs with cartoon PoP figures included.

    - If an add-on POP sub is offered, and you want that add-on Sub, would you want it limited to vintage toy characters, cartoon characters, or a combination?

    Combo. Mermista, General Sunder, Glimmer, Peekablue, King Ahgo, Scorpia and Vultak are my most wanted PoP characters, so I would need it to include both.

    - Would you rather see POP characters offered via single and/or 2-pack release in the main sub?

    Either would be fine with me, the ONLY reason why I would shy away from 2-packs a bit more is that, traditionally, figures get a little short-changed in multi-packs, but that has not really been the case in MOTUC thus far.

    - For any of these options, suggest the characters you'd like to see in 2014. Offer ideas about how 2-packs could be populated, or how an add-on Sub could be designed.

    For 2014:

    General Sunder

    For two-packs:

    I would say load them up with highly demanded Horde characters for "Versus" packs. So, something like:

    Flutterina vs Vultak
    Angella vs Hunga
    Sweet Bee vs Scorpia
    General Sunder vs Dylamug

    For a Sub:

    Again, balance out the sub (if we are talking 6 figures) with one demanded vintage figure, a few popular FilMation characters and a couple of more obscure figures. So, maybe something like:

    Double Trouble
    Madame Razz
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    I would like to get as many POP characters as possible. We have waited long enough.

    That being said, a POP sub would be great, but I think it should be maximized to deliver core vintage characters over one or two time cartoon appearances (with one exception which is Madam Razz). I also think that they should keep Horde POP characters (Scorpia and Entrapta) in the main sub, as well as at least one high profile POP character (let's just say Glimmer).

    So here is what I would suggest:

    2014 Main sub: Glimmer, Entrapta.
    2014 POP sub: Queen Angella, Peekablue, Spinnerella, Sweet Bee, Madam Razz, Double Trouble.

    Then in 2015: Main Sub: Scorpia, Mermista,
    POP 2 pack: Perfuma and Flutterina.

    Characters like Kowl and Lookee could either be in a weapon's pack, or come as an accessory.
    Filmation characters like Huntara or General Sunder could appear in the main line and count as Filmation characters as opposed to POP.
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    I want whatever gets me more POP as soon as possible. POP is the main reason I am collecting this line, so whatever they put out that's POP, I will buy with pleasure! I hope to see Perfuma, Sweet-Bee & Spinerella made soon!

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    Looking forward to Glimmer, Angella, Kowl, and Look-ee. I'll get multiple little guys. For new ones I'm looking forward to more Horde characters like Scorpia and Vultak, I'd like Harpa, and last but probably My biggest POP wish,Madame Razz and Broom. That's all I need!

    Oh, to answer the other questions....Main Sub or Mini Sub is ok with me. I want all Filmation Versions like we've been getting....little toy nods are O.K. but please no more comb weapons. And I'd prefer single releases. Two packs get a little pricey as they always come out in addition to the sub stuff so you end up paying for three or more characters that month.

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    - Do you want to see POP characters limited to the main Club Eternia Subscription?
    No, it would be cool to see a POP mini sub as well.

    - Do you want an add-on POP subscription? If so, would you also like to see POP characters concurrently in the main sub?
    See response above.

    - If an add-on POP sub is offered, and you want that add-on Sub, would you want it limited to vintage toy characters, cartoon characters, or a combination?
    Since there were more Cartoon characters than toys, I say Filmation versions would be best, since all the toys would be covered anyway. Plus the Filmation versions are less dollish.

    - Would you rather see POP characters offered via single and/or 2-pack release in the main sub?

    - For any of these options, suggest the characters you'd like to see in 2014. Offer ideas about how 2-packs could be populated, or how an add-on Sub could be designed.
    The main sub should see a couple top listers, a POP mini sub could contain those less popular to many, but would be right at home in the mini sub.

    In all honesty, I like POP, it's something I never grew up on, but I do like what Classics (except Star Sisters & Bow) are out so far, and the coming ones (Look forward to Seahawk, if he is indeed coming).

    The one figure I have Zero interest in is Razz....I seriously have no desire to own her as a figure.
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    How do you want to see POP released?
    I'm not picky on how as long as the "will" is satisfied. If we get all the characters from the original toyline (barring variants), I will take them hoewever Mattel can get them to me.

    Do you want to see POP characters limited to the main Club Eternia Subscription?
    That would be ideal for me. I've fast gone broke collecting this line, and as I scale back my spending, I'd like to have those characters I was promised in 2008 realized in the confines of the Subscription service I've been part of for 5 years. When Matty has the opportunity to offer new characters, or things not available in the original envisioning of the line (like 30th anniversary or Filmation), I'm ok with a separate sub to "rush' those characters to us.

    Do you want an add-on POP subscription? If so, would you also like to see POP characters concurrently in the main sub?
    Again, I'm good with getting them in the normal sub, but if Matty should offer a separate sub for the lesser-knowns (let's say, Double Trouble, Spinnerella, Peekablue, and Perfuma) in a quarterly fashion, I'd hop on easily. However, i do feel that major characters like Glimmer, Angela, Madame Razz and Scorpia should be in the main sub.

    If an add-on POP sub is offered, and you want that add-on Sub, would you want it limited to vintage toy characters, cartoon characters, or a combination?
    I'd rather it be specific enough to know what I'm getting into. I don't want to sub expecting Mermistas and Futterinas, and then get Josh and Prince Zed.
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    I would love a POP Sub, but for me it would have to include things not in the original vintage line. I would have to get my Madame Razz and Broom, General Sunder, and others.

    I think all the vintage released POP figures should be in the main sub line
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    Madam Razz and Broom. That is all.

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    I'll admit that I don't know as much about the PoP characters as I do about the characters from the 'main' MOTU vintage line, but I'd definitely like to see as many PoP figures as possible, as they've ended up being some of my favorites in MOTUC.

    I'd definitely buy an add-on PoP subscription, but I'd also still like to see a few figures sprinkled in with the main subscription, too. My suggestion would be to have the PoP figures in the main line focus on characters who had a vintage toy (having one or two characters in the add-on who had a vintage figure would be okay), while the add-on would focus on Filmation PoP characters. I think there are enough remaining Filmation 'heavy hitters' out there to pull this off, judging from folks' 'most wanted' lists for PoP - if you put Scorpia and Madame Razz in a six-figure subscription, I think a lot of folks would jump on for the other four PoP characters sight unseen.

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    I'd love to see a six figure POP subscription, but only if it contains characters with toys in the vintage line. If it had, say, Perfuma, Peekablue, Flutterina, Spinnerella, Double Trouble, and Sweet Bee, I'd be all over it. But if it had more obscure or Filmation only characters, like Huntara or Sunder, I wouldn't be much interested.

    I think the bigger names, like Glimmer and Angela, should be kept in the main subscription. I'd rather keep Scorpia and Madame Razz out of a six figure subscription as well. I know a lot of people want them, but I have no interest in either of them.

    I can see a two or three pack of the smaller critters. I don't want Kowl or Loo-kee on my shelf, but it would be a cool way for people to get them all at once.

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    By POP do you mean The Great Rebellion (Glimmer, Angella, etc.), or The Great Rebellion and Horde members (Glimmer, Scorpia, Angella, Entrapta, etc.)?

    Either way, I want more POP in MOTUC. Whether they come as monthly figures, an add-on sub, or a 2-pack, I will take as many POP figures and Horde members as possible.

    I just hope that they keep variants out of them. I don't like variants, regardless if it's MOTU, POP, or NA.

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    PoP was my entry point into all of this as a kid so it is definitely the highest priority faction for me but mostly I just want more characters made. Method doesn't matter so much to me

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    IF all of the vintage POP characters cannot be brought to the MOTUC line alone, then I'd definitely want a POP mini sub to help bring this to reality. With 10 vintage characters, and 2 companions left, I think it is realistic to have them all released in the main sub in 2014 and 2015.

    Here's a hypothetical scenario for these 2 years:

    2014 -
    Angella (monthly)
    Scorpia (she's Filmation Horde, and will most likely be coming in 2014)
    Glimmer w/ Kowl (quarterly)
    Mermista (monthly)
    Perfuma & Sweet Bee (quartly 2pk)

    2015 -
    Flutterina (monthly)
    Peekablue w/ Lookee (quarterly)
    Double Trouble and Spinnerella (quarterly 2pk)

    If they did do a POP mini sub, it should be made up of Filmation characters - I'd definitely subscribe:
    Madame Razz and Broom (sub exclusive)
    General Sunder
    Hunga the Harpy
    Colonel Blast
    Red Knight
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