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Thread: This is the End Movie talkback

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    This is the End Movie talkback

    Anyone see this yet? I saw it on Saturday and LOVED it. I will admit a few jokes felt like they were trying to go TOO extreme but I can forgive that because the rest was SO funny to me. One girl in the theatre jumped out of her seat and screamed her head off at a scary part, that had me laughing for ten minutes - but thankfully it wasn't the only laugh to be had. Very raunchy comedy but some great jokes that take jabs at the actors involved. basically acknowledging criticisms and rumours about them. Michael Cera was over the top vulgar in his ways but it (to me) was SO FUNNY. My main crit is the ending, it's not terrible but it was the only place they could have gone, it didn't end on a BANG laugh, but you know as the movie was going I kept thinking how the hell can they end this - I think they felt the same way! hahaha and just went the way they did.

    I REALLY enjoyed this movie. I thought I would but I didn't think I would THIS much.
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    Yeah I saw this and it was a riot to see with a crowd. Yeah, Michael Cera's cameo was funny, although honestly G.I. Joe's killed me more. There's a scene with Jonah Hill in his bedroom that was 1000x funnier to me just because of the audiences' reactions to it. The lady behind must have hurt her voice box screaming "WHAT!!!?" I wasn't expecting it but the Whitney Houston song at the end was so perfectly timed, hilarious, and satisfying that I wish the movie had stopped there as I thought the stoner's version of Heaven was a fizzle. I guess I felt sorry for Franco too since, really, his fate was essential for Rogen to sincerely do the right thing later. And beside shouldn't flipping off Danny McBride be an actual prerequisite for going to Heaven?

    Anyway, this was funny but it took vulgarity to such an extreme that I'm really getting sick of it. I would like to see a strong comedy from Hollywood without a single sex-related joke now, although the actual Rapture seems more likely to happen first.
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    Going to see it tonight! Wanted to see it earlier but other movies kept taking priority.
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